Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Late Valentine Pics...

Eventhough it's not a season of love anymore, hehehe...i still want to post these pics... I want to share how happy I am last Valentines Day for i received fresh roses from my husband at exactly 12:01 am. We came from the JS Prom of our eldest son Justine, without my knowledge he has already this bouquet at the back of our car. So i was kinda surprised when he gave me these flowers.

from my love

super happy!

at talagang nag-pose pa ako... i was very very happy that morning... 12:01 am yan... hmmm... hindi ko na maalala ang kasunod na nangyari eh...hahaha!!!

Valentine '09


  1. hehehe, bukas ka pa Peach? Kanina pa akong 10 sarado...eto bisi-bisihan dito...


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