Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kesong Puti (White Cheese) & Salted Eggs

Whoa! I woke up because of the heavy downpour of rains due to typhoon Chedeng. I am thinking of a good breakfast to prepare for my hubby and kids... I opened the refrigerator and smiled when I saw that I have a stock of salted eggs and kesong puti (soft white cheese) that I bought the other day in the market. I bought some hot pandesal in a bakery nearby and we feasted on those this morning. My breakfast wouldn't be complete without a black coffee to go with it :)

Happy morning everyone!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lunch for today :)

I told you guys that I'm going to give feedback once I tasted the Chicharon (pork cracklings) from Daboy's. It was great! It's very crunchy and you can really tell that it's new. Actually, I like it better than Jennies and it can equal the quality and the goodness of Lapid's. Now, I can say that my hubby will visit their store often because we all liked it :)

Anyway, just sharing our lunch for today...

Fried Sliced Bangus, Oyster Omelette cooked by Justine (my eldest son) and the crispy chicharon from Daboy's :)

Hayyyy.... sarap kumain!!!

My Soulmate and his Chicharon

What is a soulmate? According to Google ... A soulmate is the twin to your soul. It is your perfect partner, one whom you feel a deeper connection to than anyone else. In our case, hubby and I like almost the same things and always have the same interests. Sometimes we were surprised to know that we're thinking of the same ideas, thinking of the same place, and thinking of the same food...hahaha... When he was in Quiapo yesterday, I just wished that he bought some Lumpia, and he did. This morning... I know that he'll have a ride to Sta. Maria Bulacan and I quietly hope that he'll buy some good chicharon and there was a pack for me when he got home. Most of the times, we laughed at ourselves because of some petty things that comes into our mind surprised that we were thinking the same things (hahaha!)

Hubby is fond of biking up north, he's more relax there than in the south. Their group usually headed by Mang Danny goes every Saturday in Bulacan or Antipolo. I'm excited always if they'll be heading to Bulacan because of my love for Chicharon, hehehe... I believe that the best chicharon comes from that province and I think hubby is trying to find where is the best store selling the best chicharon. This is his 4th try in finding one, this time it's from Daboy. The first one is from Jennies that taste exactly like Lapid's, the 2nd and 3rd try was from Malolos (i forgot the names) but it was not good as the ones from Jennies... Hmmm... I'm going to try Daboy's this time...

Hahaha! Noticed that my screensaver are picture of chicharon?

Daboy's Store in Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

Whoa! If only hubby can bring home all those sinful backfat chicharon...

Grab one! :)

I have yet to open this one... I'll wait for lunch time :)

I'll give feedback this afternoon... hehehe!!!

Globe Lumpia in Quiapo

Yiheeee! Hubby went to Quiapo yesterday to look for a rubber replacement for our old pressure cooker, good thing he was able to buy two in one of the stores there. Also, he was able to buy a new memory stick for our digicam in our upcoming getaway. I was hoping that he'll buy some lumpia from Globe Lumpia House and he did!!! Their eatery is very small and sometimes you have to wait to be seated. It was featured several times on different TV shows hosted by Jessica Soho, Charlene Gonzales, Susan Enriquez and many more. They don't have any other branch and they are known to serve the best fresh lumpia in the area.

Being a non food blogger, hubby was quite shy to take pictures... hehehe. He just took two shots, anyway, I didn't asked him too because I don't have an idea that he'll dropped by at Globe. Had I known it... you'll probably see so many pictures of the place here. But just to give you an idea...

This is the area wherein the fresh lumpia are being prepared

I think hubby discreetly took a shot of the small dining area...hehehe...

This lumpia cost only P 16.00 each

Mind you, one lumpia is not enough...

so I had my regular 2 fresh lumpia....hehehe

I don't know what's their secrets, but it tasted so good!

Have you try it already???

Globe Lumpia House

Raon St., corner Quezon Avenue Manila

(it's a household name in the area

so just ask for the name)

Mother's Day Pizza Treat

Last Mother's Day we didn't go out to celebrate, we just ordered pizza in our favorite pizza house and have it delivered in our home instead. We super love Shakey's thin crust pizza, specially their Manager's Choice, it's good that my pizzanatic super card is not yet expired so we still enjoy the free pizza that comes with it.

Yummy :)

MC - Manager's Choice

I had it customized.. Half hawaiian and half pepperoni :)

We ordered a Buddy Pack Chick N' Chips
(5 pcs. of Chicken)

My kids love it!

Me... having my first bite :)

I had my off that day... hahaha !!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Max's Malabon Branch - What went wrong?

Two Sundays ago, me and hubby were invited by our neighbor to attend the Christening of his daughter. The invitation given was from Max's Restaurant (printed on the card). After the ceremony at the church, guests headed to the nearest branch of Max's Restaurant located at Tugatog, Malabon. I'm excited to be there because it reminds me of good memories that we've shared in that branch. My youngest son's christening, our celebration after graduations, family members' birthdays were also held in that branch. It's very near to us, just around 500 meters from our home.

When all guests were settled, they started to bring the food one at a time. First of course was the soup of the day. As far as I can remember, the only hot food that they served was the soup and the rice which came only after 3 dishes (what the heck!) The softdrinks that they served was tasteless, I even asked one of the waiter to change mine.

Here are the food and tell me if it looks appetizing to the eyes ...

The soup of the day... it was just ok

Nachos with Bangus Spread
My gosh! They served this appetizer no longer crunchy, it was very rubbery and we're all disappointed with this.

Pancit Canton ... Do you think it's appealing? This too was serve cold.

Their Lumpiang Shanghai was ok.

The Chopsuey was just so so...

The only dish that saved the day was of course... Max's Fried Chicken.

What went wrong? What went wrong???
Hope that they'll improve their dish and the service too.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fast Five and the Awesome Services of Teleserv

It was my first time to attend a bloggers event without my good friend Peachy. This time it was my hubby who accompanied me in the event organized by Teleserv - Night-out at the Cinema: Bloggers Edition 2011 of the new Vin Diesel movie Fast Five. It was held at Gateway Cinema 4 last May 4. We were there at exactly 6:20 pm because according to their invites, the registration starts at 6:30 pm and true to their words, it did.

The registration area and the dynamic people from Teleserv. We were given IDs and lootbags with jacket, tumblers, CD and other materials inside :) yiheee!

Me and hubby with our free meals ...... Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt, Iced tea and popcorn from Teleserv.

Before the movie, Mr. Raffy David who is one of the partners behind Teleserv gave us a brief background of the company and after that Mr. Ronnie de Vera the one in-charge for the sending the invites to the bloggers gave us a short presentation about the different services that they offer. I've learned that Teleserv started 11 years ago as a multi-channel contact center provider. Now Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. is a provider of innovative teleservices solutions and efficient call center based services designed to provide great customer service.

Now, I know the easiest, fastest and wisest way to get NSO Certificates (Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts, CeNoMar - Certificate of No Marriage and Death Certificates) to be deliver to my doorstep in 2 days for just P 330.00. I don't have to go to NSO and fall in line just to get a copy. All I have to do is to follow these simple steps and voila!

For those of you who wants to apply for a new passport or just a renewal of your expired passport, you can check these steps for a hassle free appointment system at

Here's a good news for vacationing OFWs! You don't have to go to POEA anymore just to get your OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance). Simply log on to and your OEC will be processed simultaneously. Isn't that amazing? You'll have more time to spend precious time with your family.

Worried about online payment? Teleserv guaranteed a "very secured" online payment system. Just read the Online Payment Guide below :)

I learned so much about Teleserv and their awesome services. Who wouldn't need a copy of their Birth Certificates? There are now 92 million Filipinos , good news is that they can easily get copies of their BC, MC, DC and CenoMar with the help of this system :)

After the brief presentation comes the raffle draw. I am very lucky for I'm one of the winners of Solar chargers that is very useful when one is traveling.

After the short program, we all watched the movie. It was such a blast! The movie was great and the experience was awesome :) Thank you so much Teleserv for the invites!

We really enjoy it!

1. Visit their websites for more inquiries and concerns:


2. Give them a call

•(02) 737-1111 for NSO Inquiries
•(02) 737-7777 for POEA Inquiries
•(02) 737-1000 for DFA Inquiries
•(02) 737-1173 for Group Application Service of NSO Docs

3. Like them on Facebook

CitizenServices page:

4. Follow them on Twitter


5. Subscribe for Newsletter
Email with the subject "JOIN". You may also send your mobile number for
SMS updates.