Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Soulmate and his Chicharon

What is a soulmate? According to Google ... A soulmate is the twin to your soul. It is your perfect partner, one whom you feel a deeper connection to than anyone else. In our case, hubby and I like almost the same things and always have the same interests. Sometimes we were surprised to know that we're thinking of the same ideas, thinking of the same place, and thinking of the same food...hahaha... When he was in Quiapo yesterday, I just wished that he bought some Lumpia, and he did. This morning... I know that he'll have a ride to Sta. Maria Bulacan and I quietly hope that he'll buy some good chicharon and there was a pack for me when he got home. Most of the times, we laughed at ourselves because of some petty things that comes into our mind surprised that we were thinking the same things (hahaha!)

Hubby is fond of biking up north, he's more relax there than in the south. Their group usually headed by Mang Danny goes every Saturday in Bulacan or Antipolo. I'm excited always if they'll be heading to Bulacan because of my love for Chicharon, hehehe... I believe that the best chicharon comes from that province and I think hubby is trying to find where is the best store selling the best chicharon. This is his 4th try in finding one, this time it's from Daboy. The first one is from Jennies that taste exactly like Lapid's, the 2nd and 3rd try was from Malolos (i forgot the names) but it was not good as the ones from Jennies... Hmmm... I'm going to try Daboy's this time...

Hahaha! Noticed that my screensaver are picture of chicharon?

Daboy's Store in Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

Whoa! If only hubby can bring home all those sinful backfat chicharon...

Grab one! :)

I have yet to open this one... I'll wait for lunch time :)

I'll give feedback this afternoon... hehehe!!!


  1. Aba, bago ang template ah...

  2. hehehe... kakasawa na kasi yung dati :)

  3. need nyo po ng supplier ng skin? eto po number ko kung need nyo. 09175855752 im jed

  4. walang kwenta yang may ari nyan pati yung tindera. i bought 2 bundles then later on found out that it was a mess. Not the usual chicharon that we used to buy, i asked them to return our money or even replace the item, but they refused to do so. They just wanted to disposed those chicharon which are not worth it of what we paid for. They're a pain in my ass. Hindi binili ng ka-office mates ko yung chicharon. Binebenta ko kc yun sa office. and nag-end up, tinapon lang namin cya. Sana hindi na mabilhan yang Daboy na yan dahil wala silang kwenta! Walang after sales. Basta mai-dispose nila yung panget na gawa nila, okay na sila. Regardless of kung may nagrereklamo man o wala. Mga buwisit. Go to hell


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