Saturday, May 14, 2011

Globe Lumpia in Quiapo

Yiheeee! Hubby went to Quiapo yesterday to look for a rubber replacement for our old pressure cooker, good thing he was able to buy two in one of the stores there. Also, he was able to buy a new memory stick for our digicam in our upcoming getaway. I was hoping that he'll buy some lumpia from Globe Lumpia House and he did!!! Their eatery is very small and sometimes you have to wait to be seated. It was featured several times on different TV shows hosted by Jessica Soho, Charlene Gonzales, Susan Enriquez and many more. They don't have any other branch and they are known to serve the best fresh lumpia in the area.

Being a non food blogger, hubby was quite shy to take pictures... hehehe. He just took two shots, anyway, I didn't asked him too because I don't have an idea that he'll dropped by at Globe. Had I known it... you'll probably see so many pictures of the place here. But just to give you an idea...

This is the area wherein the fresh lumpia are being prepared

I think hubby discreetly took a shot of the small dining area...hehehe...

This lumpia cost only P 16.00 each

Mind you, one lumpia is not enough...

so I had my regular 2 fresh lumpia....hehehe

I don't know what's their secrets, but it tasted so good!

Have you try it already???

Globe Lumpia House

Raon St., corner Quezon Avenue Manila

(it's a household name in the area

so just ask for the name)


  1. ako din! favorite ko ito! i make it a point to drop by there whenever i'm in the area! sarap...! :)

  2. wow my favorite...i'll buy 10 order when i vesited there...

  3. kabibili lng namin neto yam yam yam haha

  4. what is the best time to go there na hindi marami ang tao?

  5. what is the best time to go there na hindi marami ang tao?


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