Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Max's Malabon Branch - What went wrong?

Two Sundays ago, me and hubby were invited by our neighbor to attend the Christening of his daughter. The invitation given was from Max's Restaurant (printed on the card). After the ceremony at the church, guests headed to the nearest branch of Max's Restaurant located at Tugatog, Malabon. I'm excited to be there because it reminds me of good memories that we've shared in that branch. My youngest son's christening, our celebration after graduations, family members' birthdays were also held in that branch. It's very near to us, just around 500 meters from our home.

When all guests were settled, they started to bring the food one at a time. First of course was the soup of the day. As far as I can remember, the only hot food that they served was the soup and the rice which came only after 3 dishes (what the heck!) The softdrinks that they served was tasteless, I even asked one of the waiter to change mine.

Here are the food and tell me if it looks appetizing to the eyes ...

The soup of the day... it was just ok

Nachos with Bangus Spread
My gosh! They served this appetizer no longer crunchy, it was very rubbery and we're all disappointed with this.

Pancit Canton ... Do you think it's appealing? This too was serve cold.

Their Lumpiang Shanghai was ok.

The Chopsuey was just so so...

The only dish that saved the day was of course... Max's Fried Chicken.

What went wrong? What went wrong???
Hope that they'll improve their dish and the service too.


  1. i guess, you can never go wrong with max's fried chicken :D

    i love, love your blog, it gives me awesome ideas on where and what to eat, i live in navotas and reading your blog makes me wonder where the hell was i for not knowing all those food haven :P

  2. yeah di nga sila appetizing pero da best talaga ang chicken nila! nung bininyagan si clara sa max's din ang reception. suki ng binyagan ang max's hehehe :)

  3. Hi Rizza! Naku same thing sa branch nila sa Malolos. Manghihinayang ka sa ibabayad pag nakita at nakain mo na ang order mo. I heard the "chicken All you can is back" dun nalng babawi :-)


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