Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hubby's Bulacan pasalubong part 2

Bike day of my hubby every Saturday and I'm beginning to accept his new hobby. Not because of these yummy pasalubong (hehehe), but of course for health reasons. Two Saturdays ago, we had chicharon (back fat), suman with buko and the chicken cordon bleu. Last Sat., he bought another kind of suman with Langka and buko this time, Chicharon from Jennie's which was a winner because it is very crunchy and with lots of backfat that can equal the taste from the famous Lapid's but more cheaper and lastly a great buy was the biko, it is very yummy with a chocolatey aftertaste... big thanks to our friend Donna who gave us a tip about this biko ;)

He usually buy three kinds only, because he's backpack is quite small.

Biko... honestly this one is good ;)

I prefer the suman with pinipig and buko over this

Jennie's chicharon...Winner!

Sinigang sa Miso

I go to the market every other day but until now, it's very difficult to think what will be our food for lunch and dinner. I now realize the dillema of our tita (yeye) when she was the one in-charge to do the marketing before. I always want a healthy and balanced diet for our family, so my everyday food schedule is ... if we'll have a pork/chicken/beef dish for lunch, we must eat fish and vegetable at night and vice versa.

So now, we had Sinigang na Tanigue sa Miso :)

I don't cook but I know the ingredients... hehehe. I bought half kilo of sliced tanigue then in the vegetable section I picked a small size raddish, mustasa (mustard greens), tomotoes, onions, garlic, sampaloc fruits (not the powder in sachet) and bought P 2.00 miso (a thick paste made of soybeans) and that's it, Yeye cooked it and we had it for lunch today :)

Tonight, we'll have fried porkchop and

sauted patola with misua for dinner :)

Lunch at Boy Ching Woo

The last day of school of my little Jeffrey was on March 18 so I decided to treat our school friends (close moms and their children) for a lunch at Boy Ching Woo. Incidentally, two of the mommies (Lee and Marichelle) and my close friend Jhay's daughter Kirstin celebrate their birthdays too so we split the bills into four! hehehe...

Boy Ching Woo is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Caloocan as far as I know :) They do serves authentic Chinese dishes that's why we chose to celebrate important occasions here sometimes. If Marikina has "Luyong Restaurant" people from Caloocan can proudly say too that "marami ng laki sa Boy Ching"

We came at exactly 10:30 am but the dishes were served about 11:00 am, just in time for our lunch, we actually had an advance order/reservation the day before that's why everything was arranged already when we got there.

Long table for 18 pax

What we had for lunch were the following.. Crab and Corn soup 2 orders of Lumpiang Shanghai

2 orders of Battered Chicken

Pata Tim ( I like this among the rest)

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

(doesn't look like one eh?)

Pansit Shanghai

2 orders of Yang Chow

(i'm super disappointed with this)

I was surprised that the food in general I think were not as good as before. I'm quite disappointed with the dishes specially the sweet and sour fish fillet and the yang chow almost all except for the pata tim. I now have a doubt if we'll be back at Boy Ching again. Hmmm, maybe they change their cook or he resigned? Maybe the rumors are true that the old cook of Boy Ching opened his own Chinese fast food near Diosdado Macapagal Hospital (I forgot the name, but I saw it already...something like Tong Yan?) they do have the same menu and the taste is not a bit far from Boy Ching according to a friend whose now a regular customer of that restaurant. He even told me that employees of Caloocan City Hall prefer this now over Boy Ching.

Me and Jeff :)

I haven't tried any of those special dishes...

I'm having second thoughts, you know!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Californiaberry and their new babies

I attended an event yesterday sponsored by Californiaberry at their new branch in Mezza Residences in Sta. Mesa. They launched three new and exciting products. I've learned that the first store was opened in the year 2008 and before the year ends, three more stores were opened and on the following year they have 6 company owned stores already. They started franchising last year only and they now have branches in Davao and Iloilo.

Californiaberry is the only froyo store that serves 100% Nonfat froyo while other local companies has only 80% of NF milk in their ingredients. Some of the ingredients used in their store came directly in the US according to their Area Manager Bong Canlas.

Me :)

The three new products...

Fresh fruit blends, Pasta and Ice Ice Baby

I fell in love with the Ice Ice Baby! They have original, melon, strawberry, chocolate, green tea and mango flavor :)

I super love this original flavor with condensed milk as syrup and choco sponge :) They have a wide selections of toppings to choose from


Fresh Fruit Blends

so healthy! for they use yogurt instead of milk

I had banana rama while my friend Peachy enjoy the double berry


Hmmm.. they serves delicious Pasta!

Seafood Alfredo

Spaghetti Bolognese (so meaty)


This one is a winner for me :)

Oh! They do have organic coffee too!

true to their advocacy to serve healthy products :)

They are open for events too!

I super enjoy this event :)

There were games and lots of fun...

me with teacher Jo who made our day...

and an old friend Flow whom I did not see for years now

Young owners Kirk & Kyle with area manager Bong Canlas

Thank you Californiaberry for inviting us, thanks Peach for informing me about the event and thanks to Alex for sending me an invites :) Looking forward to another event soon with you guys :)

I'm berry happy :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crispy Tenga from Rudy's Day

We all love the Crispy Tenga (fried Pig ears) of Rudy's Day in Malabon. I know how sinful it is to love this dish but we cannot avoid it, hehehe... the taste is so good that I have to double the cup of my rice whenever I'm eating this.

Rudy's Day bestseller Cirspy Tenga
with slices of onions and pickles

It's more awesome when you dip it in their sweet and spicy sauce!

Winner ito!!!
Kain tayo :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Liver Wurst my all time fave!

I can't remember how young I was when I first tasted this super yummy liverspread. My mom who works abroad never failed to send us this brand. She knows that i'm addicted to this until now and so my kids and hubby too. It's perfect for a very hot and slightly crunchy pandesal.


I just can't imagine why the price of this
liverspread in a small can cost this!

Whoa! Perfect what breakfast for me :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luyong Restaurant

After the recognition program we went straight to Marikina to look for Luyong Restaurant. Justine who is a Chinese food fanatic wants to eat in a Chinese Restaurant so hubby decided to bring us at Luyong in Concepcion, Marikina. It's like a Boy Ching Woo (famous in Caloocan) version of the MarikeƱos. They also have the same ambience and the food selection are almost the same.

Their slogan... "Kay rami nang laki sa Luyong"

The facade of the restaurant

What we had for lunch were...

Hototay Soup
(this was one of the bestseller and it was good)

Salt and Pepper Spareribs
(You'll never go wrong with this!)

Mixed Seafood with Tofu
(This too was a surprised... it tasted so good)

Yang Chow

The food were all good
Two Thumbs up!!!

No complaints for Justine even if the place was quite far...
basta Chinese food :)

We're very proud of Justine

I never thought that we can be invited to a recognition program in UP. We received a letter last week of February telling that my son will be awarded as University Scholar. My son's hardship was paid off. Me and hubby were very proud of him. He always sleep late (actually it's a habit of him already) reading Chemistry books mostly by Petrucci and Leithold which I think I will never understand, hehehe.
March 7 was his big day. He too was happy and excited because some of his friends were also awarded as college scholar. He even introduced some of them to us. The College of Science which he belongs has so many scholars most of them came from PhiScie, lucky that my son who came from Caloocan Science is doing great also in his field.

Justine now wears an eyeglasses...

The celebration was simple and the certificates too :)

I'm just really proud of my eldest son...

The thrill in hubby's biking adventure

Before, I was a bit irritated when hubby will ask my permission if he could bike in a bit far place like Malolos and other parts of Bulacan. I am afraid up to now of course, I know that it's quite far and they only wear helmets as a protective gear. Every Saturday they have a "biyahe" (that's their term) in some parts of Bulacan and sometimes in Laguna. He is thrilled every Saturday for he enjoys biking now and I am excited too because of the pasalubong, hahaha!!!
I always like their biyahe in Malolos because everytime they went there, we surely have chicharon, chicken cordon bleu and my new fave suman with pinipig and buko as pasalubong. For his part, he seems happy whenever he see me smiling when he gets home :) hehehe...


The Chicken Cordon Bleu

The Suman with Pinipig and Buko

Looking forward for more biyahe in Malolos sweetipie :)