Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hubby's Bulacan pasalubong part 2

Bike day of my hubby every Saturday and I'm beginning to accept his new hobby. Not because of these yummy pasalubong (hehehe), but of course for health reasons. Two Saturdays ago, we had chicharon (back fat), suman with buko and the chicken cordon bleu. Last Sat., he bought another kind of suman with Langka and buko this time, Chicharon from Jennie's which was a winner because it is very crunchy and with lots of backfat that can equal the taste from the famous Lapid's but more cheaper and lastly a great buy was the biko, it is very yummy with a chocolatey aftertaste... big thanks to our friend Donna who gave us a tip about this biko ;)

He usually buy three kinds only, because he's backpack is quite small.

Biko... honestly this one is good ;)

I prefer the suman with pinipig and buko over this

Jennie's chicharon...Winner!


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