Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sinigang sa Miso

I go to the market every other day but until now, it's very difficult to think what will be our food for lunch and dinner. I now realize the dillema of our tita (yeye) when she was the one in-charge to do the marketing before. I always want a healthy and balanced diet for our family, so my everyday food schedule is ... if we'll have a pork/chicken/beef dish for lunch, we must eat fish and vegetable at night and vice versa.

So now, we had Sinigang na Tanigue sa Miso :)

I don't cook but I know the ingredients... hehehe. I bought half kilo of sliced tanigue then in the vegetable section I picked a small size raddish, mustasa (mustard greens), tomotoes, onions, garlic, sampaloc fruits (not the powder in sachet) and bought P 2.00 miso (a thick paste made of soybeans) and that's it, Yeye cooked it and we had it for lunch today :)

Tonight, we'll have fried porkchop and

sauted patola with misua for dinner :)

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