Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns

To continue with our HK food trip, me and hubby accidentally discovered a Michelin recommended street food at Lock Road which is very near Golden Crown. Cheung Hing Kee's Shanghai Pan-fried Buns should be on your list if ever you'll be in TST area.

These pan-fried buns are tender and soft on top and very crunchy at the bottom, when you take a bite, you'll be surprised that the inside is filled with flavorful broth and ground pork. Yes, it's like a xiao long bao with a gourmet twist.

For just $32 HKD, you can enjoy these 4 pcs. culinary goodness!

You'll never go wrong with these yummies! But be careful because when I had my first bite, the soup squirted out on our bed sheet, because we had it for take out and ate them in the room. 

Here are their other food offerings. 

This Michelin recommended street food is love love love! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Saikou Ramen

I love Ramen! Actually my three boys love it too.  We've been to different ramen house in the metro and even found a good one in Baguio that's why on our last trip to the north, we made a side trip to Baguio just to eat ramen for lunch at Yamashita in Camp John Hay. Why I am telling you this? I found a good ramen house in Caloocan! 

Last Monday, I went to Divisoria to buy some veggies because I was craving for Roka Salata (green salad of Cyma that I was able to hacked), I bought some lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, but quite disappointed that I was not able to buy some arugula :( . Anyway, as I was travelling from Divi to Sangandaan, some tarps hanging from Meralco posts in Caloocan, A. Mabini area caught my attention, there's now a Ramen house in Caloocan and it's called Saikou Ramen. 

Good thing was, me and hubby had an appointment to our dentists at 3 in the afternoon that day and after his root canal and after my dentist adjusted my braces, I dragged him to the place which was only about 5 minutes walk from the clinic. 

As we enter the place, I was really happy because the feel and the vibe is legit! You can see that the owner really wants the customers to feel the authentic ramen house that you can see in Japan and some other high end stores in the metro. 

They have an open kitchen where you can see the busy chefs masterfully making the dishes.

This side of the dining area even have murals, and it seems that the little mountain at the center is Mt. Fuji but the waves are more highlighted on this one.

As we are making our order, we were given free glasses of cold tea. No, it's not the sweet one, it's just a plain brewed tea.

Since we both had an aching teeth that time, me and hubby just ordered gyoza and a bowl of their signature ramen which is good for sharing.

Gyoza is P 120.00 for 6 pieces

Their signature ramen is delicious, it was rich, nutty and bold. This was my first time to eat ramen with a nutty aftertaste and I like it. The noodles are thick and hard which was a thumbs up for me because I don't like soft noodles for my ramen. It also comes with nori, some green onions, tamago (which was not perfectly done IMHO, but it's ok, I still love it) and a slice of pork belly. Me and hubby just shared for this bowl and we were so full after salvaging this and the gyoza :)

Saikou Ramen P 200.00
(This is their signature ramen)
By the way, they have 8 kinds of ramen guys 

We will definitely go back to Saikou, and right now, as I was writing this, I am drooling already and wanted to drag hubby and Jeff in Caloocan at this hour.

Here is the address if you want to have a try of a good ramen house in Caloocan :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Majesty Chinese Restaurant - Hong Kong

We had our first breakfast in Hong Kong at Majesty Chinese Restaurant. I've read in some thread and forums that this one is highly recommended for their dim sum, so me and hubby had a morning walk  for about 900 meters from our hotel to Majesty, it's okay to walk at 6:15 in the morning because the weather was cool and we were able to reach the place before it's 6:30 opening time. 

This is the main entrance with 2 elevators, located on the 3rd Floor of
Prudential Hotel along Nathan Road in Jordan

We ordered 4 kinds of dim sum :) 

Pork Spare Ribs 
The taste is very different from the one that we frequently had here in Manila.

Chicken Feet
I love the sauce, the pieces were quite big, but it's not as tender compared to the ones that we always order in Causeway - Banawe

Their siomai were very delicious! It became an instant hit! I never tasted this kind of siomai in my entire life, I can't compared it to anything like it here in Manila, as dim sum lover, I can say that all siomai here in Manila were no match to the taste of the one that we had at Majesty. 

Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
This is my husband's favorite! He loves Machang so much that he ordered it first among them, honestly, this is my first time to try Machang, I never tired it here in Manila. At first I was skeptic to even taste it, but when I saw hubby's face lightened with joy as if he's eating a piece of heaven, I tried it with all might and oh my G! It  was so good! The aroma is very strong and the taste was very delicious, I don't know, I can't compare this Machang to those that we have here in Manila but according to hubby, this was the best machang he ever had. 

Our overall dining experience here at Majesty was very good, the service was ok and the receptionist/cashier at the counter was very helpful and called one of their staff who can understand English to assist us with our orders. Our bill was only HKD 104 for the four kinds of dimsum :) We definitely recommend Majesty Chinese Restaurant for your dim sum cravings whenever you're in Hong Kong. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Tsui Wah - Hainanese Chicken Rice

Last March 1 to 4, me and my husband went to Hong Kong to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was our first time to travel together outside the country, we were excited because we included in our itinerary not only the scenic spots that we should see in HK but also the food that we have to try while we're there. We arrived at around 9:30 at Tsim Sha Tsui and as expected, we were dead tired the whole day and we were famished already, good thing that the first restaurant on our list is Tsui Wah which is only 2 minutes walk from our hostel along Carnarvon Road. 

Tsui Wah is known for their Hainanese Chicken Rice, so we ordered the house specialty. 

The Hainanese Chicken is good for two already so i just ordered another cup of rice and we shared the chicken and the soup. We love the taste of the Hainanese chicken and the rice, it reminds me of the good chicken rice in Singapore. The dish might look simple but the taste was good and we liked it! 

I ordered their iced lemon tea, it's so refreshing, it calms our tired bodies.

Tsui Wah
No. 2 Carnarvon Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pepi Cubano... Finally!

It's been awhile! Haha! Maybe I was hibernating too long until this morning, I realized that I miss updating my blog and thought of writing something new about my family's food adventures.  I never thought of writing again that's why I already give up food blogging years ago already. My last update was 2015 but it was only a few writings and did not continue visiting my blog since then.

Anyway, my husband and I went to SM North EDSA to meet some friends weeks ago, while walking, someone handed out a flyer and we were surprised that it was from Pepi Cubano! Yes! they now have a kiosk at the 2nd level of the main building. 

This small flyer made me do this (blog) again

Hubby got so excited because he really wanted to try this Cuban sandwiches years ago already but we've never been able to try them, the location is very far from our place because the first branch is located at Legaspi Village in Makati. One time, we were at Sidcor Sunday Market and there's a booth selling Cuban sandwiches, we tried it and we really like the taste but we still think that maybe the one from Pepi is still much better. 

We ended up searching for their kiosk and luckily found it easily.

It's ideally located  near the cinema of the main building

Below is their menu board, you can choose from their different sandwiches offerings. We ended up ordering their best seller Pepi Cubao for P 165.00 only.

Pepi Cubano Sandwich
Slow-roasted pork loin marinated in their secret sauce with 
ham, pickles and mustard

                                               This girl passionately made our sandwich

I also ordered their guava lemonade and IMHO, it didn't get well with our sandwich! haha! I should have ordered the fresh-brewed lemon iced tea instead. 

The sandwich as expected exceeded our expectation, it was so good that I almost wanted to order again. The buttered bun was crunchy and perfectly pressed, imagine the slow-roasted pork loin with ham, pickles, cheese and mustard pressed between those buttered bun... ahhhhh! 

Yes, this made me blog again!