Wednesday, September 30, 2015

People's Park and Green ATS Bulalohan & Restaurant

Long weekends give our family an opportunity to have a whole day of bonding. Yes, you read it right, just a day of happiness because of the tight schedule that me and my hubby both have. Our small businesses (computer  shop and fruits biz) require us to be there physically because we don't have employees to run them but just the two of us. My eldest who's now employed in a brewery is enjoying his job and most of the time he even go to work even on Saturdays so there's no time for us to spend even an overnight stay for an out of town getaway. One weekend, we had a road trip to Tagaytay and went first to Palace in the Sky (now People's Park), my kids never got the chance to see the place whenever we're in Tagaytay so we decided to visit it first. 

Us... patiently walking uphill to reach the top

It's not only because it's the highest spot in Tagaytay located at the peak of Mt. Gonzales which is about 2,500 ft. but the significant story why it became popular. It is an incomplete mansion supposed to be the vacation house of the late US President Reagan who announced his intention to visit our country but the planned did not prosper that's why the construction did not pushed through as well. 

My three boys with Tagaytay Highlands at the background

The pineapple statue, it's been there since ages :)
I remember my first college field trip and it is on the same spot until today

At around 11:00 am, we decided to go down and decided to have an early lunch but we've encountered a monstrous traffic from Palace in the Sky going to Aguinaldo Hi-way. We were able to eat lunch at around 1:00 pm already because it took us almost 2 hours just for about 5 to 10 kilometers distance. Almost all our fave food spots were already full and so we ended up at Green ATS which was not on our bucket list that day. What's in the name? Green means Nature and ATS is a combined first letters of the owners family name. 

We're lucky to get this spot, this is one of the kubo which is located at the center of their dining view deck. But here's the catch, there's a signage (over my bunso's head) stating that "the area is exclusive for the food purchases of 1,250 and above"  haha! So you have to order food that will meet the above rule... lucky because we we're very hungry so no need to worry if we could meet the amount stated above :)

 Here's what we ate...

Inihaw na liempo...

Fried Tawilis...

Grilled Lumot Pusit...

and Bulalo

minding our own business... hahaha!

The food are great except for the bulalo, the kids love the freshly grilled squid and the liempo, I personally love the fried tawilis, it was very tasty and crunchy, we were a bit disappointed with the bulalo, the taste is just plain as it looks in the picture...nothing special with this one, to think that this is one of their house specialty.

Anyway, the experience was good, we enjoyed the food and the view. We'll be back again maybe, but we'll  definitely exclude their bulalo on our list :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sandwicheese at Sky Garden

Another restaurant that's worth a try is Sandwicheese. Last week, after doing some errands in Mandaluyong and Makati, I found myself a bit dizzy and realized that I did not eat lunch yet and it's already 4:00 in the afternoon. I walked from MRT Trinoma station to SM the Block thinking of something that I could devour easily. I thought of Banapple and went straight inside only to find out that I have to wait for my turn because they are already full. I walk out feeling pissed off and after a few steps I noticed the restaurant beside them and alas! they're offering great sandwiches. 

I quickly asked for the menu and when I saw their offerings, my heart and stomach almost jump for joy! Haha! I wanted to eat something light and healthy and they have it! Exactly what i wanted... here is what I ordered...

Melting Tuna Sandwicheese (P 130.00)
(Tuna with cheese sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and
romaine lettuce on wheat bread)

The taste is heaven...and it was love at first bite!
(I love cheese and tuna and this one did not disappoint)

My beverage that perfectly goes with my sandwich is....

Dalandan Passion Slush P 80.00
( a refreshing drink of sweet dalandan passion fruit 
and brewed tea)

The ambiance is cool as well as the staff, they're all friendly and accommodating.

I'll be back for sure.

Wait, did I mentioned Sandwicheese is owned by Bannaple also? So expect great offerings from this newbie in the sandwich world :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

La Mesa de Mikay in Malabon

We celebrate last night the birthday of our friend Gelo in one of the newest dining places herein Malabon. The establishment is called La Mesa de Mikay and it's the first boodle fight theme restaurant in Concepcion. It was the idea of our friend Maric to have dinner there because she's already a regular customer of the place.

This is what we had for dinner last night, we ordered two of these
which were good for 4 persons per order

Barangay Muzon P 430.00
(yes, that's the name of this yummy treat!)
It has grilled liempo, inasal na manok, bangus,
ensaladang talong, itlog na maalat and comes
with 4 glasses of iced tea ... yes, it's quite a steal!

Take a closer look...

The liempo and the chicken were perfectly grilled

Good thing they include fish and vegetables too!
The ensaladang talong with bagoong is really good and a perfect
pair of the grilled liempo and chicken

I had a great dining experience I must say but the only downside was... the place is quite small with only 4 dining tables inside and I think 4 more tables outside. You can't stay longer because there are lots of people waiting for their turn, and syempre we have conscience naman and we're sensitive enough to see by the look in their eyes na "kami naman po!" hahaha! 

Check out the place here...

2 outside tables and 2 on the other side
(That's Gelo, the birthday boy!)
Each table is good for 4 persons only  and there are 4 outside tables so imagine the place when there's a lot of people just like last night, good thing that Maric reserved 2 tables before we went there at 6:30 pm and halfway our meal people started to flock and wait for their turn.

Curious about the price?

Their menu is simple that you just got to choose the name of the barangay, hehehe... you can choose in 4 different barangays (sad coz they did not include Brgy. Tugatog, haha!) but if you're only two and with a small appetite, you can try their solo which are reasonably priced too. They said that the owner is from Brgy. Tinajeros, hence the most expensive package in the menu :)

I heard that they are open from 6:00 pm till 12 midnight so better be there before 6 until 6:30 to secure a good spot :) 

So you're asking if I will go back? 
YES! and definitely with my 3 boys who loves to eat just like me!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Me and My Sweet Tooth

Having a sweet tooth is a big big problem for me! Haha! I can't resist eating sweets, most especially if the one on the table is the Truffle Cake of Mary Grace or a box of equally sinful Polly's Chocolate cake. I can actually devour 2 to 3 slices of it in one sitting... mommy monster here!

Mary Grace's Truffle Cake
 You can't resist it too? 

Polly's Chocolate Cake
(I usually buy it at Shell Magallanes Station)

Oh my! I'm craving and drooling now for my two happiness :)

Can someone bring me a box of those right now?

My Ramen Nagi Experience

These past few rainy days made me craved for a bowl of super rich clear soup with not so hard noodles, slices of very tender meat and bits of fresh veggies on the side. Yes, I'm talking about an authentic ramen that only ramen specialists restaurants can serve.

Weeks ago, after doing some errands at SM North, hubby and I decided to have an afternoon snack, we wanted it to be light because it's already 4 pm and the kids are waiting for us so we can have dinner together at home, we passed some pizza and burger joints but decided to eat at Ramen Nagi instead. 

Since we are more on a conservative type of foodie, we ordered one of the basics, hehehe... their bestseller, and it's called Butao King. The broth is very rich that you'll actually say after tasting that... it's love at first sip!  I even add a tamago ( it's a custard like egg yolk soaked in soy sauce and mirin) to complete my ramen nagi experience :)

Original King (Butao) with Tamago

Hubby and I enjoyed the ramen so much that we actually planned to bring the kids along with us the next time we went to SM North.

hubby with his minions shirt :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Still in Love with Shakey's

Being busy as a bee these days, I frequently find myself eating in a restaurant or in a fast food whenever my tummy shouts out of hungriness. I do have cravings sometimes (well most of the time... haha!) for certain food and just like the other day, I wanted to eat pizza, spaghetti and chicken at the same time. I thought of  eating at Greenwich but decided not to because I was a bit disappointed with their lasagna the last time I ate there weeks ago.So I decided to eat at my fave pizza house... Shakey's! 

Since I was alone (but super hungry) I ordered their Super Platter Meal that includes two (2) slices of hawaiian delight hand-tossed pizza, one piece chicken, spaghetti, mojos, salad and chicken and corn soup... ah... sounds heavy huh? 

Well.... it is!

Super Platter Meal

with creamy chicken and corn soup

After knocking this down, I was very full and could no longer walk fast, I think this meal knocks me off! I am satisfied with the food and my tummy was happy... and while walking slowly and gathering my thoughts....I can really say that yes... I am still in love with Shakey's!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Manam in Trinoma

Sometime last week, we were in Trinoma to buy some stuffs and didn't notice that it was already noon and our tummies are already complaining, haha! We chose to eat this time at Trinoma's food court and came across Manam. Surely, hubby agreed to eat here because he loves bagnet and they offer a  unique kind of way on how to enjoy your meal. They offer Kumpletos in which you are the one to choose your kanin, ulam, gulay and yes your choice of sawsawan too, Isn't that cool?! 

So here's what we got...

Hubby chose garlic rice, bagnet-style pork belly-licious and gising-gising
(uhmm, i'm craving now...)

Mine was garlic rice, tapa-style grilled beef belly and talong at maalat na itlog

The food was great and the meat of the bagnet and the beef were tender. I was not able to take picture of our sawsawan but we both got spicy suka that compliments both dishes. 

 For you to have an's the menu

oh! I forgot to add, the food are affordable too!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Estero Fast Food in Binondo

Well, well, well... yes I am back!

Guess that being busy with my business and some other things keeps me away from updating my blog. Oh, how I miss writing and sharing my adventures with you guys. Honestly, I've been trying to write and update this site months ago, but I guess... things that make me busy and happy will not be a good excuse. It's just the time... I have no enough time to think for my mind is occupied always with fruits and delivery, yes, I've ventured to a new business dealing with fruits... I just love this biz so much... (I'll tell you about it soon) For now, I want to share with you some of our fave dining places that I guess i haven't shared with you yet.

Do you know that Estero Fast Food in Binondo is a haven for foodies like us. We always eat here if we happened to passed by the area. For some unknown reasons, I did not have the chance to share it with you guys back then. The place is not that appealing for it is located literally beside the estero and sorry, I was not able to take pictures of the entire place for we are very hungry and was able to capture only the food that hubby and I ordered.

How can you go wrong with authentic Chinese dishes with a very cheap price...

Seafoods with Mixed Vegetables
We always order this, I love the taste of their fresh seafoods with my fave veggies... the best!

Buttered Chicken
Just as perfect as the one above... crispy and buttery

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Small order like this is good for two already...

Since we're just two eating lunch that day... we were so full even if we ordered two main dishes and a small order of yang chow fried rice only. Oh by the way! I almost forgot to tell you that there are several fast food inside the Estero compound but the one that we frequently go to is the LGA fast food.