Monday, March 2, 2015

Manam in Trinoma

Sometime last week, we were in Trinoma to buy some stuffs and didn't notice that it was already noon and our tummies are already complaining, haha! We chose to eat this time at Trinoma's food court and came across Manam. Surely, hubby agreed to eat here because he loves bagnet and they offer a  unique kind of way on how to enjoy your meal. They offer Kumpletos in which you are the one to choose your kanin, ulam, gulay and yes your choice of sawsawan too, Isn't that cool?! 

So here's what we got...

Hubby chose garlic rice, bagnet-style pork belly-licious and gising-gising
(uhmm, i'm craving now...)

Mine was garlic rice, tapa-style grilled beef belly and talong at maalat na itlog

The food was great and the meat of the bagnet and the beef were tender. I was not able to take picture of our sawsawan but we both got spicy suka that compliments both dishes. 

 For you to have an's the menu

oh! I forgot to add, the food are affordable too!


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