Friday, March 13, 2015

Still in Love with Shakey's

Being busy as a bee these days, I frequently find myself eating in a restaurant or in a fast food whenever my tummy shouts out of hungriness. I do have cravings sometimes (well most of the time... haha!) for certain food and just like the other day, I wanted to eat pizza, spaghetti and chicken at the same time. I thought of  eating at Greenwich but decided not to because I was a bit disappointed with their lasagna the last time I ate there weeks ago.So I decided to eat at my fave pizza house... Shakey's! 

Since I was alone (but super hungry) I ordered their Super Platter Meal that includes two (2) slices of hawaiian delight hand-tossed pizza, one piece chicken, spaghetti, mojos, salad and chicken and corn soup... ah... sounds heavy huh? 

Well.... it is!

Super Platter Meal

with creamy chicken and corn soup

After knocking this down, I was very full and could no longer walk fast, I think this meal knocks me off! I am satisfied with the food and my tummy was happy... and while walking slowly and gathering my thoughts....I can really say that yes... I am still in love with Shakey's!


  1. yummy! nice blog. followed you

  2. Hi your blog is just like mine. That is so funny that people have the same Ideas


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