Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betty's Sansrival

Three Fridays ago, I met up with my very good friend Cathie who's working at Angelicum College for years now. She kept on asking me to fetch her at the school after office hours but I don't have much time to do that since my afternoon is devoted to my son Jeff ( time). Anyway, comes Friday of Feb. 11 and I don't have much work to do and so I decided to make a visit to her. We were both happy because it's been almost a year since we last saw each other. I asked her to bring me to Betty's because my husband is badly craving for their Sansrival (it's very near the school) and so I bought a quarter box for pasalubong.

The famous Betty's Sansrival

A quarter box for P 220.00
(believe me, it was wiped out the night I came home)

They have different sizes, the biggest is P 795.00
I was surprised that they have good and "very affordable" gourmet food too. Cathie and I had some snacks. We're planning to eat dinner at some restaurant in Banawe after that so we ordered pizza, pasta, a sliced of sansrival and 2 bottomless iced tea.
Bacon and Mushroom (Thin Crust Pizza) P 48.00
Gourmet pizza topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese,
mushrooms, oions and sliced bacon.
Gosh! I fell in love with it... so tasty and crunchy... so good for its price.
Shrimp Pesto Pasta P 98.00 (with bottomless iced tea)
Shrimps with pesto sauce on a bed of angel hair pasta topped
with parmesan cheese

This was good too, but the noodles were quite overcooked.

Actually, we shared for these because we're both not hungry.
I just wanted to try some of the dish in the menu :)

we had a sliced of sansrival for dessert P 48.00

The staff are friendly and attentive

There were group of doctors eating at that time

Me and Cathie
We were so full when we left Betty's at around 6:30 pm, Cathie and I went to Starbucks Banawe and had coffee there. It's good to be with my friend for she really needs someone to talk and share a laugh with. He's grandfather died last month, she's very close to him and I feel for her. I was also a lolo's girl and I almost die in pain and sorrow when we lost him 17 years ago ( I was pregnant then).
Anyway, no more sad stories... I know she can move on :)

We both have Caramel Macchiatos

She's smiling now...

Wish to have more bonding time with Cathie this summer,
for sure we'll have more time by then :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Get Together @ Giligan's

Last Friday ay natuloy din ang pagkikita namin ng aking highschool barkada sa Mall of Asia. This time, it's for our friend Gilven whom we did not see for 19 years. I was the one who organized the meeting and since manggagaling pa si Gilven sa Laguna ay pinili na lang namin ang MOA as our venue.

We were classmates from 1st year to 4th year :)

With two of my bestfriends in highschool
Judee with son CJ and Judith our class valedictorian

Ronron (godfather of my eldest son) Owen and Gilven
(my male bestfriends)

We had our dinner at Giligan's and these were the food that night.

Lechon Kawali

Chicken Lollipops

Lumpiang Shanghai

Fish Fillet with Garlic Sauce

Pork BBQ

Sizzling Peppery Steak

Grilled Bangus Belly

Bulalo Soup

Baked Pork Belly

Fried Garlic Chicken

Everybody was full after that, super sulit and pretty delicious ang food sa Giligan's.
Hope to see you again guys next year!!!

My Heavy Morning Snack

Yesterday morning habang inaantay ko si Jeff ay nagkaayaan kaming magkaibigan na kumain sa Rafael. Ito ang madalas naming tambayan kapag nagpapatay kami ng oras kapag ganitong exam days. Mabuti na lang at maraming pagpipilian.

Pinili ko ang lomi para mainitan naman ng konti ang nagugutom kong tiyan, hehehe. Masarap siya, lutong bahay talaga!

Siyempre, sinamahan ko na rin ng Pichi-Pichi... hehehe

My heavy morning snack ;)

Liempo... ang Sarap!

Hahaha! Ang galing! May kapitbahay kaming nagtitinda ng litsong manok. Minsan naitanong ko kung bakit hindi siya nagtitinda ng liempo na katulad ng sa Andok's at Baliuag Lechon, sinabi niya na mas mahal ang puhunan. Hindi na ako nagtanong mula noon dahil talagang litsong manok lang ang kanyang specialty. Minsan naisipan kong itanong kung pwedeng magpa-ihaw na lang ako ng sarili kong liempo, agad namang pumayag, kaya super happy ako at bumili ako ng liempo at pinahiwa ko ng katulad ng nabibili sa labas. Inasinan lamang ito ni Yeye at kinabukasan na namin pinaluto para talab ang alat sa loob.

O di ba, sumingit talaga ang liempo ko!

Inihaw ito ng 1 1/2 hours

Tsaran!!!! Masarap pa sa Andok's at Baliuag!!!!
Super crunchy ng balat niya at juicy ang meat niya inside :)
Mauulit ito, promise!
Di kumpleto kapag walang sawsawan!
Kain tayo :)

My brave little warrior!

Last week (Thursday) when we got home from school, Jeffrey told me that he went to the school's clinic because he had a headache. The nurse gave him paracetamol then he goes back to the classroom after resting. That afternoon, he had fever so I gave him a paracetamol again and he became well after that. Friday morning, I told him that, if he doesn't feels good, it's okay to be absent. But he insisted to go to class. At around 1:00 pm, a call came from the school's nurse and told me that Jeffrey has a high fever and a stomach ache. I immediately fetched him so that he can rest well and I can personally monitor him. He had on and off fever and there were rashes in some parts of his body. Saturday morning I brought him to his pedia, he seems to be okay that morning, the doctor checked him but didn't see any problem, maybe because it's just a "viral infection" according to him and no need for antibiotics. He gave us a request for blood test and platelets count if Jeff's fever persist. His fever went on until lunch so we decided to bring him to the hospital's laboratory. He didn't show any nervousness nor a feeling of being afraid when we went there. He's somewhat excited, that's why Im quite relieved. The medtech seems to admire Jeff's bravery. He didn't cry, he's a tough little boy and i'm proud of him.
At home, he became more relaxed.
He gamely posed for some souvenir pics.

His quite sleepy eyes and his cute smile.

My brave little warrior!

Lab results were all negative of dengue, stool and urine test were done also and all had normal readings. Monday, he didn;t go to school, instead, we went to a new doctor in Chinese Gen. Hosp., and she found out that Jeff's is suffering from Tonsilitis. Oh my! I didn't suspects that he had one, because, he doesn't seems to suffers from it "ANG TAKAW PA RIN NYA! hahahaha!!!

He's okay now and still continuing his antibiotics until Sunday. I somehow suspects that my little boy was stressed in the past weeks, they had their everyday MTAP training, came the competition in Valenzuela, had their pre-finals this week... haayyyyyy, who wouldn't get sick?

We're Proud of Jeffrey!

Last February 10, my son Jeffrey and two of his classmates were the school's representative for the grade 2 level in the Metrobank MTAP Math Challenge (Division Level). They placed 3rd among 28 schools that's why we're really proud of them (Jeff, Jade and Joash). Last year they were also the representative for grade 1 but they only ranked 4th. Medals were given only from winners ranked 1st place to 3rd place only that's why the kids were so happy when they went home with medals. Of course the mommies were happy too!

This tarpaulin was posted only yesterday. I took pictures of it because I'm really proud of my son and want to share this with you guys. Proud because, in all the grade levels, they were the only ones who brought home the bacon for the grade school department.
Hope next year, they'll make it again.

Selecta's Buco Salad

Ohh, I'm super addicted to the new flavor of Selecta's Ice Cream Stick... Buco Salad!!! It's super creamy that it become my comfort food for this week :) For just P10.00, I feel that I am indulge to eat this for life, hahaha!!!

Can't help but to take pics of this and share it with you guys...

Don't be fooled by the looks...
Taste it and be addicted like me!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinner at Cafe Lidia

Hubby and I love to eat. On our anniversary, we had dinner at Cafe Lidia in Marikina. He actually planned for it, that's why he brought me to Eastwood so that our travel from Libis to Marikina will be a short distance only.
Cafe Lidia is one of Marikina's pride, it opened on 2009, 4 days after the Ondoy tragedy. One of the crew told me that the store itself was affected by the devastating flood that struck the city two years ago. Good things was that, now, Cafe Lidia had already established a good name in food dining. People are raving about their pasta, pizza, main dishes, coffees and cakes. Not only that, the price is very reasonable and the servings are big.

There's a homey feel once your inside the restaurant.

The crews are very friendly and accommodating...

My weakness.... I want to bring home their refrigerated pastry case :)

quite big dining area

The name reminds me of my pretty niece Rashel Lidia

Hahaha!!! this is mom Rizza :)

My hubby now ready for some gastronomic challenge...

We first had their famous Buffalo Wings...
Truly one of the best buffalo wings in the Metro!!!
very cheap for a price of P 150.00

I had Mixed Seafood in Marinara Sauce P 150.00
Mixed seafood sauted in white wine and spicy marinara sauce
Thumbs up for this!!!
Pasta Ala Lidia P 135.00
(This is the Specialty of the House)
Anchovies, olives, capers, tuna and tomatoes in olive oil.
Two thumbs up for this!!!
House Pizza Special P 220.00
Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Pineapple
(you'll never go wrong with this one)

The pasta is good for 2, don't be fooled the plate is very big :)

Good thing we brought our tripod with us... hahaha!!!
We'll definitely go back even if it's quite far from our place :)

Cafe Lidia
Calderon St., Kalumpang, Marikina City
Tel. No. 647-7606