Monday, February 21, 2011

Our 18th Year Anniversary

In the previous years, we planned our anniversary ahead of time. Months of preparation if ever we're going out of town. This year, it was spontaneous. No plans were made because weeks before our day, we've been quarelling for small things. I was totally upset, really. Silent war (hehehe) was our game. Yeah, I believe that there's no perfect marriage. For relationships will become dull if there's no spice on it. Hubby never surrenders though, he keeps on asking me about our plan on our special day. I told him, I don't wanna go out. He insists.

We rode our car and drove around. He brought me to Eastwood because we've never been there. It's quite far from our place. When we reached the mall, I instantly fell in love with its beauty. It's not crowded and learned that it's a pet friendly mall too. ( we can bring Brix with us next time) We stroll around and watched a movie. We were supposed to watch Tangled but ended up watching Bulong (hahaha!) instead. We wanted to go home immediately and can't wait for the next screening for Tangled that's why we chose Bulong, this film gave us a good laugh! We enjoyed it :)
celebrating 18 years of love ... (with spice) hahaha!

I love this place!

A cool restaurant :)

hubby... declaring his "LOVE" for me... hahaha!!!

First time to see the Walk of Fame
(this is kuya Germs project right?)

We'll be back with our kids.... promise :)
Next is our anniversary dinner ... keep on reading :)

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