Friday, February 25, 2011

My brave little warrior!

Last week (Thursday) when we got home from school, Jeffrey told me that he went to the school's clinic because he had a headache. The nurse gave him paracetamol then he goes back to the classroom after resting. That afternoon, he had fever so I gave him a paracetamol again and he became well after that. Friday morning, I told him that, if he doesn't feels good, it's okay to be absent. But he insisted to go to class. At around 1:00 pm, a call came from the school's nurse and told me that Jeffrey has a high fever and a stomach ache. I immediately fetched him so that he can rest well and I can personally monitor him. He had on and off fever and there were rashes in some parts of his body. Saturday morning I brought him to his pedia, he seems to be okay that morning, the doctor checked him but didn't see any problem, maybe because it's just a "viral infection" according to him and no need for antibiotics. He gave us a request for blood test and platelets count if Jeff's fever persist. His fever went on until lunch so we decided to bring him to the hospital's laboratory. He didn't show any nervousness nor a feeling of being afraid when we went there. He's somewhat excited, that's why Im quite relieved. The medtech seems to admire Jeff's bravery. He didn't cry, he's a tough little boy and i'm proud of him.
At home, he became more relaxed.
He gamely posed for some souvenir pics.

His quite sleepy eyes and his cute smile.

My brave little warrior!

Lab results were all negative of dengue, stool and urine test were done also and all had normal readings. Monday, he didn;t go to school, instead, we went to a new doctor in Chinese Gen. Hosp., and she found out that Jeff's is suffering from Tonsilitis. Oh my! I didn't suspects that he had one, because, he doesn't seems to suffers from it "ANG TAKAW PA RIN NYA! hahahaha!!!

He's okay now and still continuing his antibiotics until Sunday. I somehow suspects that my little boy was stressed in the past weeks, they had their everyday MTAP training, came the competition in Valenzuela, had their pre-finals this week... haayyyyyy, who wouldn't get sick?


  1. yeah right! hope he gets better and better and buti nalang negative lahat ng results bawas lang ng konti sa sweets. shhh.. wag mo muna gayahin si mama pag kumain kapag nag rereview sya sayo hehehe peace girl! :)

  2. May sakit na nagpapa-cute pa..hahaha
    Galing ni Jeffrey!

  3. nakangiti talaga sya walang bakas ng takot!


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