Saturday, May 10, 2014

Because I'm a Mother, I Have a Story to Share...

I became a  mom at a very young age... 17! Yes, and I still remember the surprised look on the face of my relatives and friends when they heard about the news that I'm pregnant. Who would have thought that I will got pregnant at the age of 16? I'm a homebody person who was not fond of partying, not interested in girly stuff and girl talk and here I am carrying a precious child in my tummy. The journey that time was not easy, me and my husband were both young and still studying, I have to stop attending school for obvious reasons but I don't remember any single moment that I thought to myself that I have regrets to what was happening to me then. Regrets are for unhappy and unsatisfied people and why would I feel that way?  I am blessed with parents, brother, grandparents, uncle, aunts and friends who understand and support me in all my undertakings at that time. 

What it is like being pregnant for the first time? I remember my first prenatal check-up, the feeling was surreal for I thought I'm the youngest of all the preggy moms out there. I felt a little bit shy but realizing that my husband was right beside me gave me the feelings of being secured, protected and loved. I've met my OB Gyne Dra. Emily Francisco from MCU, I consider her as one of the best and nicest OB in Manila, she has lots of patients until now, I love her dearly for she took care of me on my two pregnancies.

Well, there are lots of sacrifices that one has to undergo in becoming a mom ... like accepting the reality that there will be a lot of physical and emotional changes and a lot of adjustment to motherhood. The burden of drinking prenatal vitamins, nausea in the morning, the feeling of fatigue most of the time, the cravings for some fruits that were not in season and eating combinations of weird food. I'm sure most of us experienced some of those too and glad that I'm not yet a foodie at that time.. Haha!

The reward was when I gave birth... so thankful to God that I received the biggest blessing of my life, my most treasured gift at the age of 17 was a healthy bouncing baby boy. We named him Mark Justine, Mark from the saint  Mark, who authored the 2nd Gospel in the new testament and Justine which means just, righteous and fair. Raising a son at that age was difficult, thank God I have my mom ( even though she's far a way, she always gives me a call and asks if we're okay) grandmother (my lola is the best! I learned a lot from her from bathing, massaging the legs and up to cutting the nails of Justine for the first time) and our Aunt Yeye who has a lot of sacrifices for Justine too ( ssshhh...actually until now )

My second pregnancy was quite difficult, I had to resign from work as a supervisor from a famous coffee shop (hihi ...wink) because of threatened pregnancy. By the way, the age gap of the two boys is 9 years and maybe that's the reason why I experienced more pains and difficulties during the second. But when he came out of this world, he became the sunshine of our lives, he's a happy and a chubby kid (haha!) Justine was the one who gave the name to his younger brother Mark Jeffrey, he said he wants them to have the same number of letters and that the meaning of Jeffrey according to him is God's peace. For when Justine was around 7 years old, he is the one praying and begging to Jesus to give him a sibling. Alas! after two years of prayers, God gave us Jeff :) I remember him saying thanks to Jesus Nazareno for granting him his wish.

Now, years had passed and Justine is already 20 years old and I'm proud to say that he became the son that every moms would be proud of and keeping to the meaning of his name by being just, righteous and fair. He recently graduated with a degree of B.S. Chemistry at UP-Diliman with Latin Honors and wanted to pursue a career in medicine next school year, he wants to serve and give back to the people.  Jeffrey, on the other hand is an incoming grade 6 student at La Consolacion College Caloocan and a great responsibility is awaiting my youngest son for he was voted president of the school's student council this school year. And a big NO is my answer, for questions if I have secrets for raising such wonderful kids... just show and give them your time, support and unconditional love and the results will be overwhelming.

I am sharing to you my experiences as a mother, I know that our role is a never ending one ... it's a roller coaster ride that has a lot of ups and downs, we'll be facing smooth and rough roads in raising our kids but as long as there is love that binds between a mother and her children, just wait and see for good things are coming... come what may!


Hiatus is over?!!!

OMG! I can't believe that my blog is on hiatus for almost 2 years now! 

Anyway ... I'll try my best to keep up for the lost times :)

Missing you so much guys!