Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pepi Cubano... Finally!

It's been awhile! Haha! Maybe I was hibernating too long until this morning, I realized that I miss updating my blog and thought of writing something new about my family's food adventures.  I never thought of writing again that's why I already give up food blogging years ago already. My last update was 2015 but it was only a few writings and did not continue visiting my blog since then.

Anyway, my husband and I went to SM North EDSA to meet some friends weeks ago, while walking, someone handed out a flyer and we were surprised that it was from Pepi Cubano! Yes! they now have a kiosk at the 2nd level of the main building. 

This small flyer made me do this (blog) again

Hubby got so excited because he really wanted to try this Cuban sandwiches years ago already but we've never been able to try them, the location is very far from our place because the first branch is located at Legaspi Village in Makati. One time, we were at Sidcor Sunday Market and there's a booth selling Cuban sandwiches, we tried it and we really like the taste but we still think that maybe the one from Pepi is still much better. 

We ended up searching for their kiosk and luckily found it easily.

It's ideally located  near the cinema of the main building

Below is their menu board, you can choose from their different sandwiches offerings. We ended up ordering their best seller Pepi Cubao for P 165.00 only.

Pepi Cubano Sandwich
Slow-roasted pork loin marinated in their secret sauce with 
ham, pickles and mustard

                                               This girl passionately made our sandwich

I also ordered their guava lemonade and IMHO, it didn't get well with our sandwich! haha! I should have ordered the fresh-brewed lemon iced tea instead. 

The sandwich as expected exceeded our expectation, it was so good that I almost wanted to order again. The buttered bun was crunchy and perfectly pressed, imagine the slow-roasted pork loin with ham, pickles, cheese and mustard pressed between those buttered bun... ahhhhh! 

Yes, this made me blog again!