Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday with Jeffrey

Last Sunday was a very busy day for us. Our son Jeffrey was one of the participants in a Taekwondo Tournament held at Don Bosco, Mandaluyong. We woke up early (hubby and me) to cook our baon and at the same time clean the computer shop so that Justine will just open the shop at 7:30 am. We leave the house at 7:00 am and before 8:00 we reached the place already.

The event was intended for MAPSA but they invited other communities too

Jeffrey with friends at Muscle Worx Gym

Eunice, Jeffrey and Aaron

This was Jeffrey's 2nd time to join a sparring competition.

He did not win, but we told him that it's ok, in a sport like this, there are losers and there are winners. In his first sparring match last summer he won a silver medal. That's why he was quite disappointed in this game. Actually, we thought that there was a mismatch in his level. His opponent is taller than him, an 8 year old boy (7 lang si Jeff) and is a blue belt already, while Jeff is just a low yellow belt. I was wondering too while his coach did not complaint about the mismatch (we'll just talk to him this coming Saturday to clarify those things).
To lighten up his mood after his game, we ate outside the gym and promised that we'll go to the mall to have some dessert after our lunch.

See? He can't smile.... :(

Fave nya ang Lumpiang Shanghai and Adobo but it looks
like hindi niya ito nalalasahan...

As promised, we went to Megamall to eat Froyo at Red Mango

He chose choco cereals and M&M for his toppings ....

Mine was almonds, crushed graham and blueberry... yum!

Hubby is into healthy eating kaya fruits ang toppings nya :)
Green tea froyo with fresh Mango and Kiwi

Hmmm.... konting simangot na lang! Hehehe...
It's okay Jeff... there's always a first time and you'll have more time to
prepare for the next tournament ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Banana Bread

I love Gaye! She baked a super yummy banana bread and i'm one of the "few" who tasted this new addition in her roasters of yummy pastries. I've eaten banana bread from different coffee shops and bakeshops but this one is a winner. She perfected the taste of a perfect banana bread... IMHO :)

Would you like to try???

Friday, August 20, 2010


Last week, I went to SM North alone to buy something in the department store. Masarap mag-ikot-ikot ng mag-isa kasi wala kang iintindihing kasamang bata or pag si hubby ang kasama ko, ay mas pagod ako kasi mas maikot siya sa akin. After hours of window shopping, super nagrereklamo na ang aking empty stomach (hehehe)... I crave for Reyes BBQ kaya go ako sa foodcourt at kumain akong mag-isa. While eating, naisip ko na mas masarap kumain ng may kasabay at may kakwentuhan, yes it's good to be alone sometimes pero when it comes in eating alone in public places like a foodcourt ay mas masarap pala ang may kasama... basta ang weird ng feeling for me. I felt that people are staring at me, kasi solo flight ako, hehehe.

Anyway, I just enjoyed my two pieces BBQ and java rice...

Ang bilis kong naubos ito... kasi ayoko ng tinitingnan ako while eating,

(feeling artista ba? wahehehe.....)

Ikaw? Anong feeling mo kapag kumakain kang mag-isa?

Fave bags

Ayan, dahil binuksan ko na sa inyo ang laman ng closet ko ay lulubusin ko na ang pagse-share ng aking mini kakikayan, hehehe... I am not fond of big bags, mas like ko yung maliliit na bags. I have two bags na super like ko, these were given by my mom na naman. Before nag-collect ako ng Lacoste na bag (original ha) pero nagsasawa ako sa kanila, pero these two ay talagang super love kong gamitin.

A shoulder bag from Dooney & Bourke

Ilang years na ito sa akin, pero hindi siya nagbabago...
ganda ng quality :)

and this cute little bag from Guess

just sharing my fave bags.... :)

Scent for special occasion

Eto naman ay ang aking mga perfume. Hindi naman ako mahilig magpabango ng ganito, mas okay na sa akin yung body mist everyday. Kaya ayan, naluluma na ito sa aking closet at hindi ko talaga nagagamit 2 years na yata ito sa closet ko, halos lahat wala pang bawas. Parang kahit may special occasion mas prefer ko yung mist, pero minsan napipilitan na rin akong gamitin kapag si hubby na ang nagre-request ;) Ang talagang inubos ko na perfume ay yung Clinique Happy ko... kaso sad na ako kasi ubos na :( hehehe...

All these were pasalubong from my mom...

This is hubby's scent naman :)

Sarap amuyin ni hubby... hmmmm....

My everyday scent

I admit, hindi ako banidosang tao, hehehe.... kahit umalis akong walang make-up or lipstick man lang ay ok lang sa akin.... pero gusto ko, lagi akong mabango :) Mauubos na ang body mist ko from my fave VS body mist collection. I am fond of collecting VS body mist and body lotion. Good thing is that, hindi ako bumibili ng mga ito. Most of them were given by my mom, tita, cousins and friends from the US ... ilang years na rin akong hindi nauubusan ng stocks nito, hehehe because they know na mahilig ako dito kaya ayun lagi akong may pasalubong from them. Ngayon nga ay malapit na ring maubos ang collections ko... (hmmm... paging mom and tita rose!!!) hehehe.

eto ang latest na naubos ko... My Desire... I like the scent of this one,
ka-desire-desire ka talaga pag naamoy ka na :) wahehehe...
I'm thinking kung ano ang isusunod ko sa kanila..
(notice yung cap nung isa, may name pa and yung isa naman ay sa side)

I'll try this new summer collection from VS.
This is a double body mist with watermelom scent.
I love this! I smell sweet and delicious sabi ni hubby ;)
These are the body lotions left in my closet.
One time ay dumami sila na parang hindi ko mauubos lahat in 2 years
kaya I gave them to my sis-in-law, my cousin and some friends.
Ayan, hindi ko na poproblelamahin kung anong uunahin ko...
(konti na lang kasi sila)

Ikaw? Anong everyday scent mo?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Mode

I'm guilty! So guilty that I was not able to visit my blog in the past days. Well, I'm occupied again in making reviewers for my youngest son Jeffrey. Sad for not being able to visit other blogs of my friends too... Anyway, I have two more subjects to finish, the first periodical exam will be on Wednesday... maybe I can start posting an entry soon... the soonest? I'll try :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moriz turns 1

Hubby's niece Moriz turns 1 last Saturday. The event was held at the Clubhouse of Valle Verde 6. There were so many guests who attended the birthday celebration of our little darling. The bunso of Ate Bheng and Kuya Eric is such an angel, naging baby siya naming lahat, because at 48, Ate Bheng didn't expect na magkaka-baby pa sila, her ate Madel is already 14 ang laki na ng age gap. Kaya ayan tuloy, bongga lagi ang celebration for Moriz, hehehe....

Anyway, here are the photos of the said event ;)

This is the birthday girl ... Baby Moriz

Guests welcomed by Tinkerbell :)

Fairy ang theme ng party :)

The guests

There's Potato Corner booth

and Corndog too... this was a hit!

The Buffet table... and the food...

Chicken Macaroni


Fried Chicken

Fish Fillet... love their white sauce (di ko nakunan ng pic)

Morcon, masarap siya!

Relyeno tasted like the one from Dolor's Kakanin

Stuffed Squid... didn't like this :(


and Lechon from ELAR'S!
the best ito!!!

I prefer Elar's than Mila's
Yumminess and crispiness to the max!!!

hahaha!!! see, I need a separate plate for this :)

Hindi ako diet eh ... (di ba Peach?)

Pero hindi naman ako ang umubos nyan ha!!!

Games for the kids... nanalo si Jeff!!!

Magic show...


Lootbags for the kids

Her cakes and cupcakes
(I forgot to ask ate bheng kung saan sya nag-order)

Madel, Kuya Eric, Moriz, Ate bheng and Carlo aka Mr. Mapua ;)

Moriz and me :)

The best and Photo booth na ito!
I'll post a separate entry for this ;)

We really had a great time at Moriz' party!