Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Gift to Moriz...

Today is Moriz' birthday, I panicked yesterday because these dresses arrived at 2:00 p.m. (thought that it couldn't make it for Moriz b-day), I ordered this from a friend who sells cute baby dresses from Hongkong. I find it hard to look for a perfect gift for our little Moriz because she has almost everything already. Toys, hmmm... hindi pa niya gaanong malalaro so I've decided to just give her cute dresses :)

Got this pink dress, it's so cute!

From Zara Basic

I love this one too!!!

A Burberry dress - bagay to kay Moriz :)

Had it wrap in NBS kasi hindi ako magandang magbalot ng regalo!

Ready for her birthday!!!


  1. cute little dresses! who's moriz mom rizza? happy birthday!:)

  2. I'm sure Moriz will look cute in those dresses..

  3. ay ang cu cute naman! nice gift! :)

  4. Hi Mommy! Where did you get these? May online shop ba yung friend mo?


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