Friday, July 30, 2010

Kapihan sa Balsa

Now I have more reasons to go back to Balsa because of their newly opened coffee shop. They named it Kapihan sa Balsa sa Niugan (quite long) and it's inside the compound of Balsa. I became excited when I saw their pastry case, they have cakes that is same with Starbucks. Hahaha... nabisto ko tuloy na sa supplier din sila ng Starbucks kumukuha... I should know ;) Well, it's good news for me because malapit-lapit ito sa amin if ever I crave for my fave oreo cheesecake and chocolate dome cake... Okay sa mga gumigimik sa Balsa because after eating and drinking, hindi na sila dadayo pa ng malayo for coffee, pwede ng umorder sa waiter ng kanilang coffee and cakes as well, sa isang bill lang ;)

Limited nga lang yung drinks, but at least they have the basic flavors

Yummy cakes!

Chocolate Dome Cake
P 110.00 per slice

Oreo Cheese Cake
P110.00 per slice

Swiss Chocolate Cappuccino
P 110.00 per slice

They also have cookies, brownies and a rum cake :)

Teas and Syrups

Simple lang pero panalo naman!

Fave ko to!

Si Justine naman ay forever oreo cheesecake fanatic.

My niece chose this cake, it's not as good as the first two

Well, we feasted on these cakes before leaving Balsa ;)
We really had a good time, we'll come back soon because of these treats. They have a very friendly and accommodating Barista. Wahhhh... i'm missing my Starbucks family so much :(
The kids happy with their desserts :)

Balsa sa Niugan

Last week, Kuya treated us for a sumptous dinner at Balsa sa Niugan here in Malabon. If I'm not mistaken it's the only floating restaurant in our city. Super looban ang Balsa but dinadayo na rin siya because of its ambiance, ok ding pang malapitang gimik with friends. The last time we ate here was January of last year pa. So I'm excited to blog about this restaurant kaya I bring my digicam with me.

Kung taga Malabon ka, malamang ay napuntahan at nakainan mo na ito. Maganda ang ambiance pag gabi kasi well lighted and kanilang mga decors. Cute ng mga lamps na ito.

Mas maganda at night kaso nga lang medyo may mga lamok na :(

Parang pavillon naman ang area na ito

going to the balsas...

The kids...
Justine, Justine and their pretty cousin Marise (kuya's daughter)

and the kids at heart, hehehe
Me and kuya

What we have here....

Chicharong Bulaklak
This is a winner!!!

Their sisig is just okay

Camaron... just fine, the taste is forgettable though

Their grilled squid was perfectly cook!

The Chicken BBQ is okay... nothing to rave about,
but their atchara is very good!

The only downside is the rice, we waited too long for the rice :(
(di ba dapat hindi sila nauubusan ng rice?)

See? kumpleto na ang ulam but we're still waiting for the rice.

Anyway, we finished our dinner happily because this is one of our best bonding moments together. Me, kuya and the kids really had a great time. Laughing while eating, endless stories, kuya making fun of the waiter whom he calls Wally, Jeff's plate full of chicharon and a yummy desserts that finished our sumptous dinner.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rania's Birthday

Yesterday I attended the birthday party of my friend's daughter Rania. It was raining the whole afternoon and thank God I was able to attend the celebration. My first time to see Cielo again after 10 years I think... and was able to see my college friends - Madz, Tey and Ellai.
Rania is such an angel. She's always in a good mood, she loves to dance and never I saw her throw tantrums during the party. Her proud parents for sure were very happy because eventhough the rain pours heavily the event was well attended :)

Me, Ellai, Cielo, Rania, Abdul, Madz and Tey
It was such a memorable meeting after so many years...
I really had a good time :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Eto ang isa sa favorite kong ulam. Escabecheng Lapu-lapu na niluluto ni Yeye. I love the sweet and sour taste of this dish. Ewan ko ba, when I was young hindi ako kumakain nito, pero nag-iiba din pala ang panlasa ng isang tao pag nagkaka-edad na, hahaha!

I want to share with you guys ang set-up ng lunch namin ni hubby, hehehe... Everyday ay sabay kaming kumakain ng lunch, pinapalitan kami ni Yeye sa shop (after she ate her lunch). Wala, sobrang simple lang ng lunch namin, just like this one... Escabecheng Lapu-lapu, rice and fruits. Hindi pwedeng walang fruits si hubby, ako okay lang meron or wala :) From breakfast, morning snack, lunch, pm snack and dinner ay sabay kami...kahit may LQ kami, hala sabay pa rin, wala nga lang kibuan... pero sabay pa rin! hahaha!!!

Ikaw? Sinong kasabay mong kumain?
Kain tayo!!!

Bagol - Calamay of Bohol

I just need to make a different entry for this pasalubong from Bohol. It is called Bagol by the locals and it is one of the famous pasalubong from the people coming from Bohol. Kuya pre-ordered this before their flight to Manila. It looks like a big "sundot kulangot" from Baguio, uhmm.. more like a coco jam is the consistency of this delicacy. But it's actually a delicious Calamay with bits of peanuts.

Hahaha! What a big "sundot kulangot" we have here...


very very sticky ;)

You can buy them too in a plastic container,
just like this.

Kain tayo!!!

Pasalubong from Bohol

Last week, my brother and my SIL went to Bohol for the first time. They fell in love with the beauty of the province. They went on tour and really enjoyed their trip. They had so many stories about the Chocolate Hills, the Loboc River, the tarsiers, the manmade forest and many more. I'm happy for the two of them :) My kuya is such a loving and generous husband... and a thoughtful brother too... hahaha!!!
Here are some of his pasalubong :)
Shirts for the kids

a cute stuff for the car...

Calamay with Peanuts

Peanut Kisses!

Thanks kuya!!!

I'm excited for the next summer! Kuya promised us a
Bohol vacation next year ;) Yehey!!!

Sad day = My fave Chocolate bar

When I'm sad and hungry, I want to eat food that will cheer me up. I super love Snickers! I prefer it over Ferrero, just don't know why? I love its nougat, peanuts, caramel and the milk chocolate...Oh... I want to grab a bar right now!!!

Snickers and chocolate shake... hahaha!
They just made my day :)

Dinner with Candlelight

Haha! The kids experienced dinner with candlelight last July 14. There was no electricity in the Metro because of Typhoon Basyang so we just ordered some food from Silver Crown. The food there is okay with a price so cheap. The kids felt happy because it was very unsual for them to eat dinner without the lights :)
You'll never go wrong with their Chopsuey...

Camaron Rellenado is Justine's favorite.

Hubby likes their Lechon Kawali

and a half order of their battered chicken

This day was special, we seldom eat together because of our shop:(
Justine always eat ahead of us, coz he'll replace us after...

We have more bonding time with the kids that day!
Thanks to a day of brownout ;) Hahaha!

12 days of absence

Wow! 12 days pala akong absent dito sa aking blog. I was not able to post entries during those days because concentrated ako sa paggawa ng reviewer ng aking bunso. Thank God at tapos na ang kanilang exam today :) Kaya I'm back to the circulation, hehehe. Kahit di ako umalis ng house, i'll share with you guys some of the happenings dito sa house. Ano nga ba ang nangyari nung mga nakalipas na araw bukod sa paggawa ko ng reviewer? Ah... nawalan ng kuryente sa halos lahat ng panig ng Metro Manila kaya sad kami dahil walang kita ang shop... at ang pinaka-worst ay ang pagkawala ng tubig sa loob ng 2 araw! Grabe!!! Mabuti na lang at may naipon kaming tubig kahit papaano at nakapag-igib kami sa pinsan ni topher na may deepwell. I hope na maging maayos na ang service ng Maynilad para hindi na ma-perwisyo ang mga tao!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Me and Justine had our dinner at Peri -Peri Charcoal Chicken at SM Annex. It was our first time to eat here and we were surprised that their grilled chicken was so good and very tender. It's good that we chose Peri-Peri over Max's chicken all you can promo :)
There were lots of customers when we entered the restaurant, lucky that we still got table for the two of us.

Our server was RJ, he's very nice (great customer service RJ!)

Soup and beverage station

We availed their drink and soup all you can promo for only P 49.00

We ordered Combo C
1/4 Lemon and Garlic Chicken, Corn and Carrots side dish for me
and I upgraded my rice to Java rice ( just add P 10.00)

Had I known the taste of their chicken before... :(
(for sure last year pa ako tumaba! hahaha!!!)

Justine chose Leche Flan for his side dish

My corn and carrots

Creamy mushroom soup
(sulit ang soup all you can!)

Their iced tea was okay...

Ang date ko, ayaw magpa picture...
(masyadong mahiyain itong panganay ko eh)

Kain tayo!!!