Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner with Candlelight

Haha! The kids experienced dinner with candlelight last July 14. There was no electricity in the Metro because of Typhoon Basyang so we just ordered some food from Silver Crown. The food there is okay with a price so cheap. The kids felt happy because it was very unsual for them to eat dinner without the lights :)
You'll never go wrong with their Chopsuey...

Camaron Rellenado is Justine's favorite.

Hubby likes their Lechon Kawali

and a half order of their battered chicken

This day was special, we seldom eat together because of our shop:(
Justine always eat ahead of us, coz he'll replace us after...

We have more bonding time with the kids that day!
Thanks to a day of brownout ;) Hahaha!


  1. Riz namis ko bigla mga ganyan food.. haay saraaaap!!!!

  2. Kala ko pa naman anniversary niyo kaya me candlelight. Ok din pala effect ng brownout.

  3. how yummy and look romantic ang inyong dinner! bon appetit!

  4. Uy, try ninyo ang ganito minsan... nakakatuwa! kakaiba yung saya ng mga kids :)


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