Thursday, July 1, 2010

Craving for Good Shepherd Ube Jam?

Are you craving for Good Shepherd ube jam or want to eat a creamy ube ice cream? Well, crave no more because there's a Magnolia Limited Edition Ube Leche Flan. You don't have to travel to Tagaytay or go all the way to Baguio just to taste your fave ube jam from Good Shepherd.

Yesterday, me and hubby had our monthly grocery at Puregold (it was the last day of the promo of Starbucks and HSBC, yehey got 3 receipts!!!) and we saw this yummy flavor of Magnolia in one of the freezer.

The side of the container has this design...

Still, by patronizing this product, we help send some youth
for their college education :)

It's a very nice feeling to eat a very creamy ice cream and help at the same time :)


the taste is heaven ;)

Kain tayo!!!


  1. my gas! it looks so good!diet ako riz..mwahaha

  2. yan ang gusto kong flavor riz favorite ko yan! tapos meron pang halong leche flan mmmm.... sarap sarap naman! :)

  3. Peach, umpisa ka na? uy sana ako din makapag-umpisa na :)

    Maruh! fave ko din ang ube flavor lalo na kapag on top of chowking halo-halo :)

  4. i love thier ube jam! nakakamiss....


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