Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I've read the book that's why I'm very excited to watch the movie. Me and my eldest son Justine had a great bonding moment yesterday. I didn't asked hubby to accompany me in watching this movie because he's not into it, hehehe... That's why I asked my son to meet me up yesterday afternoon at Trinoma after his class. It's nice because we came there at 4:45 and the movie starts at 5:00 pm, we bought some food to munch on before entering the cinema.

It's a very nice movie, ang lakas ng dating ni Jacob!!!
Love how they killed the newborns...
Looking forward to the last one...Breaking Dawn ;)

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  1. buti ka pa nakakanood ng sine riz hehehe ako dito halos two years nang di nakakapag sine hehehe tagal na rin! :)


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