Friday, February 25, 2011

We're Proud of Jeffrey!

Last February 10, my son Jeffrey and two of his classmates were the school's representative for the grade 2 level in the Metrobank MTAP Math Challenge (Division Level). They placed 3rd among 28 schools that's why we're really proud of them (Jeff, Jade and Joash). Last year they were also the representative for grade 1 but they only ranked 4th. Medals were given only from winners ranked 1st place to 3rd place only that's why the kids were so happy when they went home with medals. Of course the mommies were happy too!

This tarpaulin was posted only yesterday. I took pictures of it because I'm really proud of my son and want to share this with you guys. Proud because, in all the grade levels, they were the only ones who brought home the bacon for the grade school department.
Hope next year, they'll make it again.


  1. wow! galing! keep up the good work and congratulations again to the proud parents! :)

  2. ayyy, naalala ko dari kasali din ako sa math olympiad. Congrats! keep it up!


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