Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betty's Sansrival

Three Fridays ago, I met up with my very good friend Cathie who's working at Angelicum College for years now. She kept on asking me to fetch her at the school after office hours but I don't have much time to do that since my afternoon is devoted to my son Jeff ( time). Anyway, comes Friday of Feb. 11 and I don't have much work to do and so I decided to make a visit to her. We were both happy because it's been almost a year since we last saw each other. I asked her to bring me to Betty's because my husband is badly craving for their Sansrival (it's very near the school) and so I bought a quarter box for pasalubong.

The famous Betty's Sansrival

A quarter box for P 220.00
(believe me, it was wiped out the night I came home)

They have different sizes, the biggest is P 795.00
I was surprised that they have good and "very affordable" gourmet food too. Cathie and I had some snacks. We're planning to eat dinner at some restaurant in Banawe after that so we ordered pizza, pasta, a sliced of sansrival and 2 bottomless iced tea.
Bacon and Mushroom (Thin Crust Pizza) P 48.00
Gourmet pizza topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese,
mushrooms, oions and sliced bacon.
Gosh! I fell in love with it... so tasty and crunchy... so good for its price.
Shrimp Pesto Pasta P 98.00 (with bottomless iced tea)
Shrimps with pesto sauce on a bed of angel hair pasta topped
with parmesan cheese

This was good too, but the noodles were quite overcooked.

Actually, we shared for these because we're both not hungry.
I just wanted to try some of the dish in the menu :)

we had a sliced of sansrival for dessert P 48.00

The staff are friendly and attentive

There were group of doctors eating at that time

Me and Cathie
We were so full when we left Betty's at around 6:30 pm, Cathie and I went to Starbucks Banawe and had coffee there. It's good to be with my friend for she really needs someone to talk and share a laugh with. He's grandfather died last month, she's very close to him and I feel for her. I was also a lolo's girl and I almost die in pain and sorrow when we lost him 17 years ago ( I was pregnant then).
Anyway, no more sad stories... I know she can move on :)

We both have Caramel Macchiatos

She's smiling now...

Wish to have more bonding time with Cathie this summer,
for sure we'll have more time by then :)


  1. Rome, punta tayo dito nila peach, anney at Dj :)

  2. yipeeee!!! i am a fun of sansrival and i love anything with betty. so having both is a "youpie" betty sansrival! matikman ka pagdating ko dyan hehehe :)thanks riz for posting!

  3. eula austria davidSaturday, March 05, 2011

    super d0o0per miss ko na talaga sans rival ng lola betty ko ;) i really love it talaga! ;)

  4. san po located yung resto? i love sansrival


  6. How come no phone number or contact info? I want to go down there tonight. When are you open to?


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