Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Cheat Day!

I couldn't resist it anymore! I want to eat chips, chocolate and cake, i'm craving like a hungry monster for those sinful food. Hahaha! So after a month of aerodancing at the gym, I gave in to my temptations! Just bought a half roll chocolate cake at Goldilocks and a medium size pack of Piattos, voila!!!

Three slices... for me, jeff and hubby :)

Piattos and an iced tea!

Eating at the shop :)

Whoa! I wish everyday is a cheat day!!!


  1. cheat days are always welcome...hee...

  2. i want piattos! pagkatapos ng chips and sweets i burn ulet hehehe :)

  3. ayan nagkamali ako ng comment kaya ang ilalagay kong comment dito e para dun sa chicharon! lol! Ang gusto ko sa chicharon yung maraming tabaaaa! lol!


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