Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch at Boy Ching Woo

The last day of school of my little Jeffrey was on March 18 so I decided to treat our school friends (close moms and their children) for a lunch at Boy Ching Woo. Incidentally, two of the mommies (Lee and Marichelle) and my close friend Jhay's daughter Kirstin celebrate their birthdays too so we split the bills into four! hehehe...

Boy Ching Woo is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Caloocan as far as I know :) They do serves authentic Chinese dishes that's why we chose to celebrate important occasions here sometimes. If Marikina has "Luyong Restaurant" people from Caloocan can proudly say too that "marami ng laki sa Boy Ching"

We came at exactly 10:30 am but the dishes were served about 11:00 am, just in time for our lunch, we actually had an advance order/reservation the day before that's why everything was arranged already when we got there.

Long table for 18 pax

What we had for lunch were the following.. Crab and Corn soup 2 orders of Lumpiang Shanghai

2 orders of Battered Chicken

Pata Tim ( I like this among the rest)

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

(doesn't look like one eh?)

Pansit Shanghai

2 orders of Yang Chow

(i'm super disappointed with this)

I was surprised that the food in general I think were not as good as before. I'm quite disappointed with the dishes specially the sweet and sour fish fillet and the yang chow almost all except for the pata tim. I now have a doubt if we'll be back at Boy Ching again. Hmmm, maybe they change their cook or he resigned? Maybe the rumors are true that the old cook of Boy Ching opened his own Chinese fast food near Diosdado Macapagal Hospital (I forgot the name, but I saw it already...something like Tong Yan?) they do have the same menu and the taste is not a bit far from Boy Ching according to a friend whose now a regular customer of that restaurant. He even told me that employees of Caloocan City Hall prefer this now over Boy Ching.

Me and Jeff :)

I haven't tried any of those special dishes...

I'm having second thoughts, you know!


  1. I liked the pata tim too!!!

  2. hehehe..may chismis pa...Lika kumain tayo dun sa restaurant na yun?

  3. its true..the old taste of boy ching's lechon con tokwa is much better than too grow up with this dishes, i'm also a "Batang Kankaloo" tnx for the tip i'll try that tong yan..hehehehehe

  4. Hindi po ba dapat "buttered" at di "battered" chicken?

    1. "Battered" was used because the chicken was soaked on a "batter" before it was deep fried. Check this link.

      Ako rin, dati I thought "buttered" was more accurate, yun pala hindi. =)

  5. It is Tong Lao located near Caloocan Medical Center (formerly Diosdado Hosp) but Boy Ching woo is still the best. Tong Lao is not able to replicate the exact taste of Boy Ching's Pancit Shanghai.


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