Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're very proud of Justine

I never thought that we can be invited to a recognition program in UP. We received a letter last week of February telling that my son will be awarded as University Scholar. My son's hardship was paid off. Me and hubby were very proud of him. He always sleep late (actually it's a habit of him already) reading Chemistry books mostly by Petrucci and Leithold which I think I will never understand, hehehe.
March 7 was his big day. He too was happy and excited because some of his friends were also awarded as college scholar. He even introduced some of them to us. The College of Science which he belongs has so many scholars most of them came from PhiScie, lucky that my son who came from Caloocan Science is doing great also in his field.

Justine now wears an eyeglasses...

The celebration was simple and the certificates too :)

I'm just really proud of my eldest son...


  1. you should! lucky you! you both have wonderful and intelligent sons! congratulations! champagne! champagne! :)

  2. Congrats naman! ako kulelat talaga ako sa school. hahaha!


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