Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luyong Restaurant

After the recognition program we went straight to Marikina to look for Luyong Restaurant. Justine who is a Chinese food fanatic wants to eat in a Chinese Restaurant so hubby decided to bring us at Luyong in Concepcion, Marikina. It's like a Boy Ching Woo (famous in Caloocan) version of the MarikeƱos. They also have the same ambience and the food selection are almost the same.

Their slogan... "Kay rami nang laki sa Luyong"

The facade of the restaurant

What we had for lunch were...

Hototay Soup
(this was one of the bestseller and it was good)

Salt and Pepper Spareribs
(You'll never go wrong with this!)

Mixed Seafood with Tofu
(This too was a surprised... it tasted so good)

Yang Chow

The food were all good
Two Thumbs up!!!

No complaints for Justine even if the place was quite far...
basta Chinese food :)


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