Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Ramen Nagi Experience

These past few rainy days made me craved for a bowl of super rich clear soup with not so hard noodles, slices of very tender meat and bits of fresh veggies on the side. Yes, I'm talking about an authentic ramen that only ramen specialists restaurants can serve.

Weeks ago, after doing some errands at SM North, hubby and I decided to have an afternoon snack, we wanted it to be light because it's already 4 pm and the kids are waiting for us so we can have dinner together at home, we passed some pizza and burger joints but decided to eat at Ramen Nagi instead. 

Since we are more on a conservative type of foodie, we ordered one of the basics, hehehe... their bestseller, and it's called Butao King. The broth is very rich that you'll actually say after tasting that... it's love at first sip!  I even add a tamago ( it's a custard like egg yolk soaked in soy sauce and mirin) to complete my ramen nagi experience :)

Original King (Butao) with Tamago

Hubby and I enjoyed the ramen so much that we actually planned to bring the kids along with us the next time we went to SM North.

hubby with his minions shirt :)

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