Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visita Iglesia 2011

One of the very popular activity during Holy Week is visiting 7 or 14 churches. This is what we call the Visita Iglesia which is a Spanish words for Church Visits. It is a practice during Holy Thursday by Catholics here in our country. People flock to different churches to ask for penance and others say their Station of the Cross.

Since our family did not go for our yearly out of town during Holy Week, we planned days before the Holy week the 7 Churches that we visited. Some churches were recommended by some religious sectors and here are they...

1st was... Sacred Heart of Jesus ParishTugatog, Malabon City

To pay respect to our Parish Church, of course it is the first church that we've visited

The altar of our parish church

2nd was... Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz

(Binondo Church)

We were stunned by the beauty of this Church

The murals on the ceiling is awesome!

3rd Church was...
San Sebastian Church
(Recto, Manila)

The all steel church, 2nd in the world and first in Asia.
My husband really admire the gothic architecture of this church,
see the altar?

4th Church
San Agustin Church
considered as one of the oldest stone church in the Philippines

I was not able to capture the church's altar :(

These were the scene while we headed to the Manila Cathedral...
there were lots of people and food stall along the street,
I heard one of them saying "I thought Banchetto was transfered here"

Side of San Agustin Church

5th Church
The Manila Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica
(popularly known as Manila Cathedral)

The facade of the church is stunning...
you can see sculptured statues of some famous saints

The interior is simple but this is one of the most visited churches
in the country. It's aircondition too :)

I'd like to go back in Intramuros some other time to see some old and famous landmarks like, Casa Manila, San Agustin Museum and many more historical sites.

6th Church was The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, the Truth and The Life

in Pasay, Mall of Asia

Too many people are also visiting this church because it's one of the newer places of worship in Metro Manila. It's our first time to actually see the church interior.

The 7th Church was...
Malate Church

One of the oldest stone churches in Manila outside Intramuros.

It is a baroque style church facing Manila Bay.

The interior of the church is not big but it's beautiful.

We solemnly prayed for every church that we visited and I'm happy to see our kids embracing this religious tradition for I know that they too know and realized how Jesus sacrifice his life for our salvation.

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