Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Morning = Excellent Breakfast

I woke up early with a good mood so I decided to cook yummy breakfast. A friend of mine went to Lucban Quezon last week so I asked her to buy me some Lucban longganisa. We met up last Sunday and she gave me 2 dozens of this garlic longganisa.

While having coffee, I cooked first the longganisa then I refried some leftover beef tapa (hehehe), fried some eggs and made a dippings of spicy vinegar with pepper and garlic.

My black coffee

Beef tapa cooked by hubby

Super garlicky Lucban longganisa

my not so perfect sunny side-up egg... hahahaha!

vinegar with chilli, pepper and garlic :)

fried rice with eggs and chinese sausage

Our heavy breakfast....

Kain tayo!!!


Let me here from you ...