Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuna Penne Pasta

I super love the Tuna Penne Pasta that my hubby cooked last week. We had some penne pasta sent by mom and tuna in cans too so he decided to cook those and it was really good. He just sauteed some garlic, tomatoes and onions in olive oil and then he add the tuna and a little amount of tomato sauce to put some color (he didn't like a pale one) and salt and pepper to taste and mix it with the pasta and that's it!

The kids love this too!

How lucky I am to have a husband who can really cook!

He couldn't find some parsley in the ref so he just put
leeks for garnishing :)


  1. try nga namin :D we usually add tuna kasi in white sauce or olive oil.

  2. Yummy! Na miss ko bigla yung kapitbahay naming laging nagluluto at nagbibigay samin ng tuna spaghetti!


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