Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleepless nights...

Thank God! My sleepless nights are over :) My monthly period was delayed for 1 week so me and hubby were panicking already, hehehe... To end up my nervousness, I bought a pregnancy test kit last night and I drop my urine on the device this morning... my heart beats fast before it reaches the test region because if a line appears in the T region, that means I'm pregnant...so happy that no purple line occurs on the Test Band region and just a single line from the Control region which only means I'm not Preggy!!!

I don't want to get preggy again, it's just that I'm enjoying myself now and loving it. Hubby too don't want to have a third child anymore for he's now a diabetic and he feels old (according to him) for a new responsibility ;) But if God really wants us to have a new baby and the test becomes positive. I will accept it because I don't want the baby to feel that he/she is rejected.
Anyway, so happy to be free from worries and sleepless nights!

We'll be more careful from now on ;)

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