Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hubby's Chowking Treat!

Yesterday morning, hubby treated his running buddies for a breakfast at Chowking. Their group has a special bond also... and that is food! Sometimes they can go as far as Talisay or Taal Batangas if ever they are invited in a town fiesta there. It's been a tradition also that every birthday celebrant will treat the group in a heavy breakfast like this one. Hehehe...

Some order the Emperor's Beef mami

with Siopao of course! Some prefer the Chicken Lauriat

While others prefer this

I love their Yang Chow though with fried dumplings :)

Hubby's "young" running buddies :)

(me worrying about his morning routine? nah....) Hahaha!!!
I love this group :)

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