Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amana Waterpark Adventure

As requested by our youngest son Jeffrey, we went to Amana Waterpark last April 2 and celebrated there too the birthday of my hubby. We always look forward to our summer outing because it's one of our way to escape the busy life we have here in Manila. Last year, we were at Batis Aramin in Quezon province and we really had an awesome experience there.

The place is beautiful with lots of life size characters but there were only three pools and some areas are still under construction like the boating area, and the pool with twin slides. Hope they'll build more pools in the future because the land area is big, they can really maximize it if they want.

Here are the pics of our summer adventure at Amana waterpark :)

The main entrance

You'll be greeted too by Justice League heroes Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash and Green Lantern

Unfinished boating area ..

No waves at this time...

their kiddie pool

My son Justine going solo in one of the pool near the VIP rooms

The 13 waves pool

They all enjoy it!

Me with hubby and jeff with 2 nephews Jigo and Keno

This is our room...

We'll be back one of these days....


  1. Naku tyak mag eenjoy ang mga kids dyan...kaya lang malamang dami na din tao ngayon kasi summer...Ang galing ng concept very kid friendly it


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