Saturday, September 4, 2010

My breakfast

I crave for wheat bread yesterday so I bought a pack of Gardenia wheat bread to a nearby store. This was my breakfast this morning. Oh no, i'm not into dieting , hehehe...

See my spreads?

Hahaha, full of fats and calories!!!

I like my bread (sometimes bagel) with strawberry jam. So I am torn between the jam and cream cheese (i love this brand, Australian Cream Cheese) or the jam and peanutbutter (no more salmonella yan) hehehe...basta laging dalawa yang spreads ko yummy kasi!!!

Ang nanalo? Jam and peanutbutter!!!
I'll eat the combination of Jam and Cream Cheese tomorrow ;)

Ikaw? What was your breakfast this morning?


  1. masarap yan jam and cream cheese! nilalaro ang palette mo between sour and sweet! yummyyy!!!

  2. peanut butter... my fave!! i'm so addicted to Peter Pan crunchy honey roast & PBCo's dark chocolate peanut butter. and yeah, Gardenia wheat bread-- my fave too!!

    try butter + strawberry jam also... what I miss is the kaya spread from Singapore. I'm gonna make sure I buy a bottle of kaya when we go there next month.

  3. Sarap namn nyan! Kami nga minsan nilalagyan namin ng banana ang o raisins ang peanutbutter sandwich. lol!

  4. uuuyyyy masarap na almuchow yan. kaya lang kanin ako ngayun di ako tatagal sa bread ha ha ha

  5. hehehe... ako ngayon jam ang cream cheese naman!!! solve ang Sunday breakfast ko :)

  6. i love wheat bread ng gardenia ang lambot lambot kasi yan din ang binibili ko sarap! almusal ko knina hmmm! puro gatas eh me yoghurt, cereal tapos nagkape na me gatas din! hehehe try u ang butter and jam riz! winner yan sarap sarap! :)


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