Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Pot Doughnuts from Starbucks

I am supposed to write about this two weeks ago, kaso I'm quite busy in the past days kaya ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng chance to say something about this hand forged doughnuts. I asked hubby's cousin who's a store manager at Starbucks to buy me these new addition to the pastry family of Starbucks ( oh how I miss working at the store and arrange the breads and cakes in the pastry case kapag opening ako...huhuhu)

This is the Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut
(The taste was okay but for me it is forgettable)

The Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnut
(I like this one but Justine says that it taste like the one from Go Nuts)

Apple Fritter
(this is quite oily for me and the taste was just okay)

What flavor is your choice?
Grab one!


  1. Peach, hindi ko gaanong type... pero siguro mas nasarapan ko ito kung may iniinom akong Caffe Mocha with Strawberry syrup habang kinakain ko ito hehehe...

  2. parang type ko yung apple fritter ....

  3. i like the chocolate one! give me some pls! yum! :)


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