Monday, May 17, 2010


Caramel Bakeshop also have good Pandecillos. It's a Pili pastry that has sweetened ground pili inside... We bought a box of Pandecillos earlier that day at Nene's Pasalubong but this one from the Caramel Bakeshop taste better.

Actually, it's my kuya who saw this pandecillos at the bakeshop, at first I was hesitant to buy this again, but he insisted in buying a box of it and when we tasted it...He bought an additional box for pasalubong :)


Don't forget to buy this pastry when you're in Bicol!

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  1. ay ang sarap nyan!! when dad goes to the province, always may pasalubong na ganyan. you should try the "angko" :D it's a kakanin similar to mochi.. then w/ sweet peanut filling.. :D


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