Friday, November 5, 2010

Roti Mum

I have been reading several blogs with good reviews about Roti Mum's Coffee Bun. I am not a coffee lover unlike my friend Peachy who drinks 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day that's why I'm not interested on these buns which according to them is very good if paired with coffee. But when hubby brought home a box of Roti Mum... I instantly fell inlove with it... as if it was a "love at first bite" experience. Now I know the feeling of heaven again...

6 original flavors of heavenly buns...

I got my first taste of this... oh the taste is heaven....
(now I know why my friend Cielo is addicted to Roti-Mum!)

I reheated the bun ... and that's it!

Jeffrey got his share too!

Now, i'm going to consider myself a Roti Mum's addict too :)
How about you? Have you tried it already???


  1. i love coffee buns! pero mas gusto ko sa Kopi Roti or Delifrance ;)

  2. sarap nito Rizza! kaka miss! nakaka 4 yata ako isang upuan heeheh. I tried Kopi Roti sa airport kaso iba ang lasa. happy eating!

  3. try Delifrance' coffee buns...its soooo good...:p

  4. love delifrance' coffee buns...its the best! ~


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