Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tatay Ten's Bday and Jeff's Promotion Blowout

Last Sunday was a very busy day for us because it's Tatay Ten's (hubby's uncle) birthday and Jeffrey's promotion test. We were assigned by hubby's cousins to buy all the food that will be eaten for dinner. A double celebration was indeed a happy occasion for all of us. Tatay Ten is like a second father to hubby, that's why he's really special to us. For our Jeffrey, we are really proud for all his achievements at a very young age. Taekwondo taught him to be more disciplined and patient.
Tatay and Jeffrey
(sorry for the blurred pics...)
Here are the food that we ordered...

Special Pancit Canton


Silver Crown Chicken

Camaron Rellenado

Judy Ann's Crispy Pata

We ordered two, hehehe...

Special Fried Rice

and Leche Flan

and so... it's eating time!!!

Kain na tayo :)


  1. Happy Birthday to Topher's uncle and Congrats to jeff..

  2. belated happy birthday! and congrats to jeff!
    naaliw nmn ako sa red egg sa canton,kakaiba!12:30am na now pero parang I suddenly wanted a crispy pata!haha!

  3. Hi Mom Riza, medyo off topic comment ko di ko kasi makita email mo. Ask ko kung san mo nabili to?

    Please reply soon. Thanks!

  4. Hello Justine :) yung cute baby dresses na gift namin kay moriz ay binili ko sa friend ko na nagpunta ng Hongkong..she's selling baby dresses kasi, kaso she's in Dubai na kaya nag-stop na siya sa pagbebenta.

  5. Ano beh! Puro lafang naman dito e tumataba ako kakatingin lang ng food sa blog mo! Babati na nga pala ako ng Merry Christmas at super busy na sa mga susunod na araw! God Bless!


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