Monday, November 1, 2010

Mang Larry's Isawan

Last Thursday hubby was craving for some ihaw-ihaw so we ended up going to UP for the famous Mang Larry's Isawan. The BBQ is very cheap and you have a lots to choose from, from pork BBQ to chicken and pork intestine, liver and many more. It's a sem break but you can see lots of UP students, some from Ateneo and even med reps enjoying Mang Larry's isaw.

It was raining that afternoon, but the rain didn't stop them (and us too!)
from coming :)

Ang mag-daddy...enjoying their BBQ ...
okay ang vinegar ang dami and you have your own plastic cup ;)

Jeffrey had pork BBQ
(ayaw ng daddy niya na kumain sya ng isaw...)

See the cars lined-up just to eat isaw from
Mang Larry :)


  1. hi there!!!!

    i'm from sabah,malaysia and i came across your blog.I love your blog especially the foods.I was wondering whether you could tell me where to visit in the Philippines as i plan to go there next year.I'm sorry i dont know how to contact you but through this comment box.

    I'm sure in the Philippines preparation for xmas has already begun right.

  2. Talaga naman at dinayo pa si mang larry! Di pa namin natitikman ang ihaw2 ni mang larry. Dami kumakain ah, proof na masarap.

  3. so kelan tayo lalarga jan anney?

  4. Eva,

    Hi! you can email me at so that I can answer some of your queries :)

    Anney, Roman & Peach,

    Si hubby kasi ay matagal ng nasa isip yang Mang Larry's na yan, si Justine kasi ay inuuwian kami minsan ng isaw from Mang Larry's hehehe... sama ako pag dumayo kayo ulit ha!

  5. hi rizza

    I've sent you an email.......:)

  6. Looks interesting, I hope I won't be hook on it, you know naman when your getting older, you should be starting to watch out your diet lalo na food with so much cholasterol, but trying a couple of stick I guess won't hurt... - Myra

  7. what time are they open and where is it exactly located? tried to look for it near the post office. I couldn't find it.


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