Saturday, November 13, 2010

KORYO Korean Barbeque

Two weeks ago, when we were at the Sky Garden. I became curious when I saw lots of people patiently waiting in line just to taste the world-famous Garlic Potato from Koryo. I'm not a fan of Korean dishes but this signature side dish of Koryo got me into it.

people waiting for their turn...

Love the way they prepare it :)

After frying the potatoes...

They'll put it in a big bowl and mix all the ingredients and...

that's it!

oh my... i'm drooling while looking at the above pic :)

See how nice they present this very affordable,
very yummy Garlic Potato?

I can't help but to go inside the restaurant and asked the very kind Manager if I could take pictures and he immediately gave me a go signal (yehey!!!)
The store is very clean and has a very homey ambiance...

I have yet to try their main dishes, but I will definitely go back because
of their very affordable gourmet

Wow! A nice ambiance plus an affordable food equals
a great dining experience for sure!

I'm excited for my next visit !!!
Korean Barbeque
Sky Garden, SM North EDSA


  1. This is similar to every Korean restaurant in Vancouver, but would certainly consider to try it when I get in town...and yes the place looks cozzy and clean which is one of the things I look for in a food chain. - Myra

  2. how much ang garlic potato?

  3. mukhang masarap! masubukan nga minsan dyan

  4. love their garlic potatoes.. whenever i have the chance(and extra change in my pocket), i always buy their garlic potatoes. i feel in love with the explosion of taste in my mouth. try it guys.


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