Monday, November 1, 2010

A great day w/ my kids

Last week before the exam of Jeffrey, we were able to watched the movie Petrang Kabayo. I was just curious about the version of Vice Ganda, because almost everybody knows how Roderick Pauleta brilliantly played the role of Petra during his time. The movie was good but not good enough to make me laugh out loud, hehehe... A big surprise for me is the girl who played Vice' sister, this girl made my day :) galing magbitaw ng punchline "maganda ako" hahaha!!!

But before we watch the movie, we first eat our lunch at Bacolod Chicken Inasal at the Block. My son Justine is an Inasal lover, he doesn't like Mang Inasal's version of inasal, that's why if he's craving for this grilled chicken we only have Bacolod Chicken Inasal in mind. He tried eating one time daw in Mang Inasal and he find their chicken quite sweet. So hindi na parang authentic na inasal from Bacolod ika niya.

Suki na kami dito kahit nung nasa SM Annex pa sila :)

I like their store now :)

Me and Jeff

Si Justine...

The condiments

We ordered three Pa-a (thigh part) with garlic rice

with 2 extra cups...hehehe

Fan si Justine ng Batchoy nila...but I didn't like it :(

After watching the movie, we ended up craving for Razon's halo-halo.

May batang nakasimangot...hehehe

ayaw niya kasi ng Halo-halo ang gusto niya ay .......

DQ's ... Blizzard!!!

See? Solve ang bunso namin :)
It's always a great feeling to have a bonding moments with my kids...kaso siyempre parang kulang yung happiness because their daddy didn't make it. Walang magbabantay sa shop :) Anyway, parang kasama na rin namin siya kasi binigyan naman niya kami ng pangkain...wahahahaha!!!


  1. Si Justine parang si Topher lang..Naku kami bawal muna labas...

  2. sarap naman jan...btw your blog has been followed @

  3. sarap naman ng bonding nyo na yan!


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