Thursday, June 10, 2010

A very sad day :)

Yesterday was such a bad day for us because of what happened in our water meter. But I didn't know that something will happen at around 2:00 pm yesterday that concerns my uncle's family. They were victimized by Akyat-Bahay Gang! My God, all the family's jewelry were wipe out! Their LCD television, laptop, desktop computer, component, digi cams, branded wallets, bags, and would you believe even branded shoes were taken by the suspects.
I was a little bit shocked when my cousin Marvin told me about what happened. I know how it feels because my brother were also victimized by Akyat-bahay gang in the province last year.

They almost ransacked the rooms...

My Tita and Tito's room, encircled in yellow is the jewelry box.

Tita is fond of collecting jewelry, that's why in jewelry alone the suspects were jackpot already. Imagine too, they know how to spot original items because they all got the bags and wallets of my tita and counsins and even the expensive shoes of Marvin.
Friends, there were lots of lessons learned in what happened yesterday. Never trust anybody and always be vigilant to protect your family, yourself and your belongings. I know that those materials things cannot be recover anymore, but the feelings and emotions that they've felt was such a traumatic experience, good thing was, no one was harm in the incident. I prayed that the Lord will protect all of us from harm and the bad elements that surrounds us.
Tita and tito, I know God will always provide for you and your family.


  1. Grabe, nakakloka naman yan. Sana mahuli yung mga gumawa nyan.Malapit lang ba yan sa inyo?

  2. Kaya nga Peach, awa ako sa kanila, lalo na sa tito ko, kasi ang tagal ng niyang nagbabarko, parang back to zero uli pagpupundar nila :( Sa Niugan sila nakatira Peach. Uso daw don ang akyat-bahay, natyempuhan talaga siguro na umalis sila :(

  3. niugan sa Malabon? Oh my!!! katakot!

  4. Yes Cie, sa Niugan, may kamag-anak kayo don di ba? pakisabihan na mag-ingat din ha... :)

  5. Oo Taga Niugan talaga ang mga mommy ko..mga VIOLA.Dun ba sila sa Subd nila Symaco? Naku lagi nga daw may akyat bahay dun.

  6. Cie ang alam ko Encarnacion yung lugar nila. Uso nga daw dun ang akyat bahay :(

  7. hi ate riz, naku kakainis naman yan!!! di nila alam ang hirap ng trabajo at sacrifice ng mag barko then, at a snap of time bigla lang nanakawin..grrrr kainis! mahuli na sana ang mga nagnakaw!!! Ingat kayo ha. GBU.


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