Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gaye's Apple Walnut Square

I'm happy that Gaye granted my request. I ordered a box of Apple Walnut Square and we truly enjoyed this treat. I know that hubby loves this together with his fave mint tea.

There's a lot of walnuts, and love the green apples :)

Crunchy on top but soft inside...



  1. wow! napaka appetizing naman nyan gurl! i want some! :)

  2. Thanks Riz! super thank you at likes mo to! love the pics! sana someday magka coffeeshop na ako hehehe, natetempt na kong magpagawa ng tarp sa house namin at isampay sa gate ang announcement na happybakes is open! hikhikhik. teka lang mananaginip muna ako! - Gaye

  3. Why not Gaye? kung yung Aling Nelia's dinadayo, mas makikita yung sa inyo kasi unahan din, ang lapit mo sa Nelia's :)


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