Sunday, June 13, 2010

House of Polvoron

POLVORON - is a scrumptious Filipino dessert made with toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and melted butter then pressed in a special mold. It is commonly given as a "pasalubong" or welcome gift for friends and family.

I'm a polvoron fanatic, when I was young I remember myself buying polvoron in our neighborhood store. I am fond of its colorful wrappers and I really love the taste specially if it's homemade or "special".
While strolling at Trinoma, I saw the booth of HOP (House of Polvoron) my heart pumps with excitement because it brings back good old memories when I was a kid. I know that this is "special" so I bought a box of assorted flavors to try these yummy dessert.

I asked the lady if what's the most saleable,
she told me that their Pinipig is the bestseller.

I wanted to try other flavors also that's why I chose the assorted one.

Flavors are Plain, Pinipig, Cashew and Pili :)

Oh, I love all the flavors!
While eating this, scenes from my happy childhood flashbacks in my mind and it gives me a feeling of thrill and enjoyment as if I want to turn back time and play with my playmates again.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the information! Sounds yummy. Would you remember where this booth in Trinoma was located? Looking to get some friends in the province a few boxes as a sort of pasalubong. Thanks in advance!


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