Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Yesterday morning, I woke up early to greet hubby a Happy Father's Day. I surprised him with a gift and he was happy when he saw it (I bought him a new arrival Adidas Shirt :) Oh, he just love Adidas so much...

He's a very responsible father. He will do anything to give the best for his children. He loves the kids so much that's why I adore him... I love you very much sweetipie :)

You're the number one dad for us!

Anyway, since it was a Sunday and we have lots of customers in our shop I still manage to cook his fave spaghetti. I asked Justine to buy a cake from Goldilocks to complete our afternoon snack.

Happy Father's Day again sweetipie!


  1. mukang masarap yang Spaghetti na yan ha? pati yung cake hehehe..

  2. Cie, ipagluluto kita, hehehe..., naubos nga agad, masarap pala na may Nestle Cream ang sauce ng Spaghetti, try mo minsan ;)

  3. wow! bago yun ah pede palang lagyan ng nestle cream ma try nga thanks for the tip! happy father's day to hubby :)

  4. Maruh! oo masarap yung may nestle cream, pero ilalagay mo siya kapag malapit ng maluto yung sauce at haluin mo maigi, masarap siya kasi mas nagiging creamy ;)


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