Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Original Buko Pie

Aside from resorts and hot spring, Laguna is also famous for its buko pie, several stores serves different flavors of pies but the best for me is the one from The ORIGINAL Buko Pie Bakeshop. Their buko pie is to die for, the meat is soft and the taste can't be compared to others.

Sorry for the blurred pics :(

I gave my sister-in-law (who's a fan of Colette's) a box of it and she instantly liked it. She told me that her sons are now craving for the said buko pie, and doesn't want the old (Colette's) one anymore :)

For me to be able to buy this buko pie,
I have to fall in line.... like these people...

Whoa! It took me 45 minutes just to buy this yummy treat from Laguna!


  1. naku eto ang pinaka masarap na buko pie na pag pumupunta kami sa pagsanjan ay di ako pumapayag na di bumili dyan. naku peachy laging mahaba ang pila dyan, hehe.

  2. hmm.. yummy na miss ko tuloy ang buko pie! penge :)

  3. i miss buko pie tuloy!

    you should try the buko (or ube) tarts from Rowena's in Tagaytay. Uber delish!! :D or the ones from Amira's! you can't stop on eating just a piece. haha.


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