Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eker & Ely and Longganisang Lucban

Eker & Ely located behind Lucban Church is famous in making the best Lucban Longganisa in town since 1958. It's basically an old store that caters different delicacies for pasalubong. But their best seller of course is the Longganisa.

We were there on Good Friday and asked the lady in the store if it's okay to buy longganisa even if we're going home the next day, she said that it has to be put in the freezer overnight. Our problem is that there's no refrigerator in our room so we decided to go back on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we went there again, but sad to say, there's no more Longganisa left because there's a lot of customers ordering from 10 dozens up to 30 dozens each. We were told that we have to wait for 2 hours for them to accommodate all the customers waiting for their famous sausage.
We just bought some delicacies that can be bought inside the store.

Since we could no longer wait for their longganisa, hubby and I scouted for some store that sells this famous sausage and happy that we found one just near their store. Good thing was that their making it infront of their customers.

We want our longganisa to be garlicky and quite salty and not the sweet one being sold here in Malabon. That's why we're really craving for this one...

You guys want to see how to make Lucban Longganisa?

I think it is a very easy recipe, into the ground pork with lots of fat, just add rock salt, pepper, paprika (that's why it's quite red), dried oregano, sugar and vinegar (for slightly sour taste) and lots and lots of garlic and mix it with your hands....(hehehe)

Wow! Lots of garlic!!!

Prepare the sausage casing (dried pork intestine recommended)

Then stuff the casing with the ingredients..

Tie it in both sides and that's it!
FYI, It is being sold by the dozen :)


  1. mahilig din kami ng ate ko sa longganisang Lucban!

  2. Your post is very informative. Thank you.

  3. tagal ho ng pila walang sistema nag aalisan customer pag naiinip wag ho sana idahilan "akala ko wala ng pila ngaun", and service with a smile po sana. di po ba word by mouth sumikat kayo in this case word by mouth mabawasan ho customer nyo nyan di po ba kayo nanghhinayang?....

  4. iam one of the patrons of eker and ely and been bearing the long queue of patrons everytime its pahiyas festival...last wednesday, i almost lost my chance of buying the few remaining longganisa....luckily i still got 3 big orders...

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